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Did Sparky the cat need rescuing, endangering the person who did it?

Cat stuck up pole or not? Photo:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.: His name is Sparky, a black-and-white cat. A kind lady, Viviana Martinez believed Sparky was stuck up a 20 foot telegraph or electrical supply pole. Animal rescue would not help. Neighbours put some tasty treats down to see if he’d come and get it. No luck. Some neighbours were concerned. They called the fire department but they were disinterested. They said they’d come out if he was still there after a couple of days. A person (presumed a man but it might have been a woman, to be fair) climbed up and risked injury to get little Sparky. Whoever they were and we don’t have their name, they were very brave and well done to them; but did (s)he need to do it?

I have reservations as you can tell by the words added to the photograph. Cats can struggle to get down from trees and poles because (1) they do not have paws which can turn through 180 degrees. Their claws only grip in one direction: going forwards and (2) cats don’t like going in reverse. But, I think he would have gone into reverse after a long wait of a few days while he summoned up the courage and motivation.

Cats can take their time in situations like this before coming down of their own accord. They have a different internal clock and are more enduring but very few people who see cats on poles want to wait and see if they come down without help.

Their innate animal welfare kindness compels them to act. They have to rescue the cat. Looking at Sparky you have to admit that he does not look as if he needs rescuing. He looks comfortable and cats have no fear of heights as many people have. This is because domestic cats are partly ‘arboreal’ by which I mean they like being up trees. They are ground dwelling creatures but are content to be high in the branches of a tree.


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