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Did stray cats shit and piss over Joe Rogan’s truck parked at LAX?

Shit on Joe Rogan’s truck. He says it is cat shit. I say it is not. I say it is dog shit and someone placed it there.

Joe Rogan has complained bitterly on his Instagram page about stray cats at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) shitting and pissing all over the sunroof of his truck which he parked at the airport for 11 days while he was away on holiday in Europe.

His posting on his Instagram account made headlines. It’s been liked almost 300,000 times. You can see it below.

This is the image from the post (in case the Instagram post is deleted):

Shit on Joe Rogan’s truck. He says it is cat shit. I say it is not. I say it is dog shit and someone placed it there.

“I parked my truck for 11 days at LAX and cats decided to shit and piss ALL over the sunroof. This is what was left after I drove 35 miles home…. Luckily it’s hot out so the shit was dry and hard, but fuck it is disgusting…. We stopped at the exit and realized the entire top of the truck was covered with shit and piss. Be careful if you’re parking in terminal 4. These fucking cats ain’t playing.”

The picture is graphic and shows very clearly the shit and piss that he refers to. I cannot profess to be a world expert on stray cat shit and piss but looking at this photograph it does not look like cat shit to me. It looks like dog shit. It looks too large and it is almost impossible to envisage cats pissing and shitting on top of a vehicle like this. It is just something that cats don’t do. I have never heard of this before because it does not happen. There’s no reason to do it there. According to Mr Rogan there were several stray cats wandering around terminal 4 car park and they climbed onto his truck to go to the toilet on the roof. Why? It is a bizarre claim.

Why would they do that when they can pick somewhere far more accessible and where there is soil to cover up the faeces if they need to do that. This is not the work of cats in my view.

I did a bit of research and have discovered that Joe Rogan is an outspoken stand-up comedian and is involved in other roles. I then searched on the Internet to see whether he was disliked and I noticed that he is disliked by a section of society.

“Why do so many people hate Joe Rogan?”

It appears that he is hated by some people because he comes across as very arrogant. There appears to be a community of people dedicated to hating Joe Rogan. I’m going to speculate wildly but I think my speculation is more realistic than the statement that Joe Rogan made that cats defecated and pissed over his truck.

I’m going to say that somebody hates Joe Rogan and that they collected up some dog shit, pissed in a plastic bottle and then chucked it all over his truck knowing that it was parked at LAX for 11 days. They did this because they hate him perhaps because of a business failure. My guess is that they know Mr Rogan and they knew he was going to go away on holiday and was flying from LAX. That’s my theory. What do you think?

I would like to hear from experienced cat caretakers/guardians who know what cat shit looks like! I do know what cat shit looks like.

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