Did the torturer of Sage the cat abuse another cat nearby?

This is a recent development in the investigation of the brutal torture and killing of Sage the cat in Clearfield, Utah. The case is ongoing and well publicised online and on Facebook. I am thankful to the Justice for Sage Facebook webpage for this update.

The am publishing a scanned copy of a letter from Animal Care & Control which is a statement concerning a second cat who was tortured near to the house where Sage lived. I wrote about this cat at the time:

Sage Cat Killing: The Plot Thickens

This orange tabby was found a few hundred yards from Sage’s residence. The abuse of this cat apparently took place 20 days after Sage’s torture and death.

Clearfield, Utah, cat abuse map

Showing where Sage and another cat 20 days later were abused in Clearfield.

The owner of the orange tabby (cat X) is unknown and being sought. The owner may well have useful information leading to the arrest of Sage’s torturer if they are linked crimes.

They may be linked crimes because there are some similarities in the injuries. Although Sage suffered broken bones and cat X did not, cat X’s abuse had these characteristics: “burns, glue, silicone, whiskers and tail cut off” (Justice for Sage). Sage suffered “hot glue burns on his eyes, anus and genitals” I’m told.

Together with the geographical proximity of the crime, the modus operandi of the criminal is similar indicating a possible link between these two cases of cat cruelty. One person commenting on FB made a very good point: how many cat torturing psychopaths are there is that district of Clearfield? There can only be one and therefore the crimes are linked.

Below I publish the statement from Animal Care & Control. It does not tell us much to be honest but they are seeking the owner of cat X. This cat is under the care of a veterinarian.

P.S. If I have made an errors please inform me in a comment and I’ll amend promptly.

Animal Care & Control statement on Sage Investigation

Animal Care & Control statement on Sage Investigation concerning the other cat tortured nearby. Source: Facebook Justice For Sage.

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Did the torturer of Sage the cat abuse another cat nearby? — 6 Comments

  1. I believe sage was tortured inside the house. I believe the second cat was too. I believe the cats tortured etc that lived belonged to the Gomez family. I don’t buy into his bs the owners couldn’t do anything cause they loved their cats. bs… and whatever happened to the post where she admits to knowing about the secret man who lived in the house.. oh yes, they had to move cause of him. I heard she is pregnant and they have a new puppy. She said sage was the light of their lives etc.. well he sure in the hell was replaced. And furthermore, when I take my cat in for his blood pressure reading.. it takes me and two techs to hold him down. And he can still get away. Doesn’t Jensen understand cat behavior. I believe sage was slammed into a wall and his brain was compromised. The shit that was done to him was methodical in my opinion. I doubt kids did it. After his brain was compromised, there was nothing left, but to wait and see how long it took for him to die. I believe they let the second cat go and he just ran off. Cats as you know are stoic and don’t show pain. But I can just imagine how bad the second cat hurt. I am thankful people found him and got him to the vet to ward off infection. So Jensen could use some of his fee and pay for an animal communicator to find out who did this.

    All I can say now, is justice for sage would be from karma. For all of those who said its just a cat and stopped investigating long ago. Pretty soon, people will stop writing and they will be relieved that sage is forgotten.


  2. We were lied to about the second cat in the beginning and now they ask for help.

    I read that the Gomez’s had a tribe of cats. Perhaps this is another one of their cats.. Since those two left, no more cats have been tortured.

    Maybe Jensen could fork out some money for a good animal communicator with the second cat. Just think if this cat belonged to the Gomez clan, who would know?


    • The telling part is that the tortures have stopped since the Gomez family left. I have thought that the torture took place inside the home.


  3. Or a diversion to move suspicion from residents or people that had contact or access to sage.
    Or a copycat. Absolutely no pun intended this is not a laughing matter in any sense.
    If this is someone local there are more victims and likely have been for a long time. The sophistication of the torture says they’ve experimented. It takes a special person to think hey lets use a hot glue gun on a cat.
    Someone knows, someone is shielding.
    For cat guardians with the exception of the strays and feral cats that so many dedicate their lives to S/N and ending the cycle the guardians of pet cats cannot continue to think it is OK to open the door and send their domestic human trusting pet out into the world to roam at will.
    Who ever did this is sick and cats are likely not the first or last victims.


  4. Does the reward for information remain significant? Because that confounds me. I can’t believe that someone would not spill the beans on whoever did this, for that sum of money. And somebody knows. They have to. This is so frustrating, besides being horrific and crushing of spirit. God bless these poor animals, God punish the perpetrator.


    • You make a very good point Carol. The reward has not been discussed for a long time. Nobody has claimed it. I think the reward needs to be put to the front of people’s minds again and the owner of this other cat may have some knowledge which helps find the person who killed Sage and therefore that person might be able to claim the reward. That should encourage them and therefore I am surprised, as you are, that they haven’t come forward.



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