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Did this Alabama hunter kill a bobcat mother so he could take her kittens? — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t doubt at all that the hunter was thinking of “pets” for his kids. Fascinating how the killing of animals for selfish purposes comes so easily. There was not conscience at all taking these babies from their mother by taking her life. 🙁

    Good ending though! Thank you Big Cat Rescue!

    • Yep, some people just don’t get it. They just don’t have any sensibilities towards animals and the fact that they have a right to life and to be left alone. They don’t see the possibility that they have emotions not that far from ours. Thanks for commenting Kristina.

  2. I’m nowhere near religious, but I have to bow my head to a mama cat that nursed 6 of her own kits, 2 foster kits, and these 3 bobcat kits. I hope that she finds a loving home that will appreciate her generous spirit.

  3. I felt, too, that this hunter killed the mother and had some sort of monetary outcome in mind for these precious babes.
    Like you and Irish, I hate hunters, even more than I hate breeders.
    This hunter couldn’t have had any other goal in mind for these kits than to make money. What? Was he really wanting to make them house cats for his children? PHEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
    Thank goodness for Big Cat Rescue and the vet tech that contacted them and saw right through this idiocy.
    Bless this poor mama cat that has done the work of 6 mamas and hope that she gets a forever, loving home and can retire.

    • The hunter appears to be a complete idiot on several fronts. Mind you hunters + idiocy often go together.

  4. Have I said I HATE HUNTERS? if not then I HATE HUNTERS and wish they would meet their demise on their next hunt!

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