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Did This Couple Do Wrong, Throwing Cat Like a Toy? You Bet They Did! — 13 Comments

  1. This couple should be arrested for animal cruelty- plain and simple. This is outrageous. Made my blood boil this morning.

    How anyone can use live cats as toys is beyond the pole a far as cruelty is concerned. I hope that someone reports them- tracks them down. May they rot.

  2. Check this out,this is his reply and photo to getting busted by Garda (Police)…

    Here’s his FB message in response:

    “Kaine Fowler
    5 hrs ยท
    OK I need to get this off my chest to all my fucking family and or friends that can’t handle the shit I put on my facebook than fucking delete me it’s that fucking easy to do I don’t tell and of u how to live your life’s so don’t tell me how to run mine and another thing sweep your own back door’s before u point out how dirty mine is because half of you r either two faced as fuck or u do the same shit I do”

  3. I hate some people so much!! They are stupid, selfish, heartless, reckless, and even worse than those qualities!!!. They should NEVER be allowed to have or be near animals; And if they do go near them. Throw them in a jail cell to rot!!! I find it laughable that “mankind” is suppose to be superior to all else. With morons & other vile, evil people who do worse. That is yet to be proved accurate.

    • Like you’re thinking!!!! Except they would blame the cat for attacking/injuring them and likely the authorities would kill the little fur angels.

      • True enough but if that cat clawed him to death then then he/she would take off and find a good home like with you or me, or one of us on here. I like happy kitty cat endings. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t stand anyone who is cruel to animals. They give such love. I’ve had both dogs and cats and they are the best

    • I’d like to throw a brick at them…it would hurt more!!! The worse thing about “stupid” people is..they’re so stupid. They don’t even realize how stupid they are!!! God must love them tho…he made so many of them. More the pity!!!!

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