Did this flat-faced, smoke Persian cat mate with a hamster to make a ‘camster’?

Hamster has a similar coat to the Persian cat which begged the question whether the cat mated with a hamster. No. Image: Screenshot.
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This TikTok user suggests that his flat-faced, smoke, Persian cat has mated with his hamster to produce a ‘camster’ because the hamster looks a bit like the Persian cat and I have to agree that it does in terms of the coat. But definitely not in terms of the face! Nothing natural can look like the unnatural flat-faced Persian.

When you thought your hamster and cat were just playing in corners but your hamster suddenly falls pregnant and produces a mysterious child…


So the suggestion is that we have a cat/hamster hybrid which is impossible as it happens. It is genetically impossible for these two species to mate and produce cute little hybrid offspring.

Despite that simple fact, news media has picked up on this because it’s quite amusing. The amusement really comes from the fact that the little hamster does have this smoky coat.

Persian cat looks at his hybrid offspring!! No, afraid not. Screenshot.

It’s interesting to note that the word ‘camster’ is used in many other contexts such as, ironically, “free live sex cams and live sex chat”. And it is used in Scotland where “The Gray Cairns of Camster” are two of Scotland’s oldest stone monuments originally built more than 5000 years ago!

And the word can mean a “mound of bare, rubble stones about 9 m in diameter and 0.4 m high”. Or the word can be incorporated into the phrase “camster porn videos”. There is a commonality: sex.

I’m digressing but I have to because there is no such animal as a cat/hamster hybrid and therefore I’ve got to talk about something!

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The video comes from the fiestyrachet – DeluluHamster TikTok account. Thanks.

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