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Did this lioness try and revive the unborn calf of the mother she killed? — 3 Comments

  1. I have to say that I see some of my cats act jealous, and it’s a matter of degree. Some do a lot, some not as much but it happens. There is no doubt about it as I study them and ponder that question. We’ve all seen some revelations come about over the years in the general study of cats: odd friendships, heroic actions, etc. So if we’re going to equate remorse with jealousy (as advanced emotions) I’ll have to say they can also feel remorse, and I have seen that acted out too. One example was when one of mine accidentally bit me when I tried to break up a fight between him and another. I saw it in his face and body language immediately – that he did not mean to do it and regretted it. He was sorry, remorseful. So I wouldn’t rule out that cats can feel it, though I know the overwhelming tendency on here is to deny such advanced things about cats. It’s all a matter of degree and relativity anyway. It doesn’t have to rise to the level of human emotion or understanding as long as it makes sense to them and we have the capacity to acknowledge it’s existence, minimal though it might be by our standards.

  2. Cats may live in the moment, but I also believe somewhere deep down, they have the capacity to feel empathetic at some level.

    About a year ago, I was watching a wildlife video of the Masai Mara Refuge that showed a lioness had killed an antelope and was feasting on it. Suddenly, she came upon a live antelope baby that had just been born. She stopped eating, sniffed the baby and started licking it. I thought for sure the baby was next for lunch. Imagine the surprise to see the lioness lick it clean and nudge it to stand. Once it did, the lioness just watched as the antelope walked away to the herd in the distance. Blew my mind away!

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