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Did this veterinarian perform a spaying operation on a young male cat which killed him? — 2 Comments

  1. Albert in my personal experience and trip through hell SVBs only investigate when an incident is reported and they only investigate the complaint at hand even though there is overwhelming evidence the DVM is little more than a quack.
    Oddly you will find that the worst DVMs have the most devoted sycophants.
    Reviews should be reviewed by the public as to content not stars. I take more interest in a detailed complaint than the 5 star reviews gushing about what a wonderful caring veterinarian so and so is lacking any details as to why they’re so great.
    Because animals are property and not every court allows punitive damages or would even consider them in these cases you are pretty much three sheets to the wind when it comes to having your pet butchered by a DVM.
    Most state veterinary boards offer up a settlement agreement that makes their crimes look minor and insignificant. Like a few hours of forced continuing education is going to make them competent. The petty punishment handed out will never equal or come close to your pets suffering and your own heartache. For me suicide looked like a real option. We were literally out of funds trying to save her life and couldn’t hire a lawyer. Lucky for us we got the deposition she gave to the SVB and they had no choice but to find in our favor.
    Anything that happens on a TV judge show is mediation. It is not a real courtroom.
    If you file a complaint with a SVB file a case in at least small claims as it allows you to demand discovery. It will be the only way in many cases to access some records.
    Instead of killing myself I set full speed ahead and drove this hag out of business. Truth is the ultimate defense for any threat of slander.

    Her high priced criminal attorney shut me down in court but he couldn’t shut down the truth. And it was far more satisfying to pillory this negligent DVM publicly with her incompetence than a quiet courtroom settlement.
    The fight will end when everyone who is wronged stands up and does what it sounds like you did and what we did for our Kitten. Refuse to take it.
    The only way to get to the bottom of the case in this article is not through fb slamming and shaming but for the cats owner to file a complaint. Demand the full SOAP not just the summary medical records that will be incomplete. Each state has mandatory times that a DVM or clinic must follow to hand those over or you can file another complaint. A DVM is not mandated to report mistakes.

  2. It IS essential, no doubt about it. State veterinary medical boards who oversee all veterinary work are good about accepting complaint reports. What they do about it is another matter. I’ve tried that here in California but didn’t get the satisfaction I sought. Still it doesn’t hurt to try. It hurts NOT to try. I think this would be a great segment on Judge Judy or The People’s Court, if not in a real court. You can get a lot of help in presenting your case. If the Yelp reviews ring true, they sound like corroboration. Lastly, the favorable reviews can be phony to try to offset the negative. It’s suspicious that with all those one stars, there are five stars. Overkill.

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