Vincent van Gogh's sketch of hand with bowl and cat

Vincent van Gogh’s sketch of hand with bowl and cat which is anthropomorphised.

The interesting aspect of this sketch by Vincent van Gogh is that the cat has a slightly anthropomorphised face. And what is also interesting is at this time in the mid-1800s, all artists of domestic or stray cats always slightly anthropomorphised the faces of cats. And I wonder why this is. Perhaps at that time people were more human-centric and less concerned about animal welfare. It was certainly an era of us and them. Christianity was still very strong and the Bible encourages people to treat animals as the servants of humans. Therefore they drew them and painted them with a human likeness. That’s my theory, weak though it is. It is surprising that the great Vincent van Gogh also succumbed to this tendency. He drew the image in the same year as his death (the morning of 29 July 1890). It is suggested that the cat was present because he liked to draw from life.