Did you know that they declaw cats in New Zealand?

by Michael
(London, UK)

Yes, they do. But this time it concerns wildcats, specifically, lions in captivity, which for me is just as bad if not worse.

First we stick ’em in a cage and them we chop off their toes and the people who arrange for this to be done probably say they are animal lovers and wildlife conservationists. We are good at deceiving ourselves, aren’t we?

The people who arranged for the declawing of 29 lions in New Zealand are, Craig Busch and Craig’s mother Patricia.

The two are fighting over the lions and their “Zion Wildlife Gardens”. Their business is broke, bankrupt, and the question is what to do next. Who owns the place?

The people who carried out the declawing and who are accomplices to this “barbaric” act (comment by former park owner Tim Husband) are the veterinarians who acted under Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry supervision. The declawing took place in 2009.

Declawed lions are harder to re-home! Makes me smile that because it has echos of what happens to domestic cats.

So under certain circumstances the government of New Zealand approve of declawing cats.

No doubt they will argue that it is a health and safety issue. This is a sort of “government speak”.

Lions should be preserved in the wild. They should be left alone and be given space. Humans should stop breeding and stop abusing other animals for financial benefit.

And so called conservationists should stop fooling themselves. Finally Craig and his dear mother should stop fighting over their failed business.

Think of the cats instead, please.

This is the story.

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Did you know that they declaw cats in New Zealand?

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Jan 19, 2012 I found a declawing investigation report
by: Anonymous

It doesn’t seem to mention his mother anywhere just Craig as being the one who asked for it to get done on the cats. He’s just lost another fan.

Oct 08, 2011 Zion big cats
by: Tim Husband

the cats at Zion will be housed in other zoos and parks if Zion is closed for good.a plan was put together on the request from the NZ gov just in case it happened. this declawing story is a sad one and one that was kept very quiet by the lion man(Craig) because if it was known what he did then his whole image of this man that loves his cats would be shown up for what it is, a circus act. I for one was fooled when I first met Craig many years ago. and saw him playing with the lions. he never told me that he had,had their claws removed. I even went as far as to give him a reference when he asked to help him bring in more cats to NZ. something I regret now. His excuse and his fan clubs excuse now is that he didn’t know any better. come on isn’t he the one who tells every one that he’s a big cat expert? he even fooled the NZ inspectors by telling them that this was the normal thing to do. I agree that both him and his mother should never be allowed to care for big cats again. no zoo in NZ or Australia will work with Craig because of his lack of skills and because of this declawing and other things that he did to the cats that is not known by the public. the problem is that Craig has such a following of fans that don’t know the truth or that wish to be blind to it, these fans feed his ego so that he now is only interested in getting back in front of the camera. nothing that was done in Zion had anything to do with conservation and there was very little in the way of educational value in the way the animals at the park were exhibited. even the exhibits were built on the cheap with no safety to the keepers considered. until I arrived there the keepers were still expected to go in with the cats. so to sum it up it. it would be a good thing for the animals if the park closed and the animals sent off to approved zoos and parks where some of them can be placed in a real breeding program and all can be cared for better.And lets hope that this man is never aloud to own animals like this again.

Oct 06, 2011 Embarrassed
by: Anonymous

It is a horrible and extremely cruel practice, but I do want to point out that most of new zealand and certainly everyone I spoke to about this was outraged and disgusted and hopefully that will make for a strong base to provide the proper laws to protect these lovely creatures in the future.

Aug 23, 2011 Couldn’t read the link
by: Leah UK

Sorry Michael I couldn’t read the link because its just too awful and sad to contemplate.

I disagree with keeping any wild animal in captivity and I especially agree with mutilating that animal and leaving him defenceless.

Its just too heartbreaking. Why do humans feel the need to have power over animals all the time?

Why oh why can’t they be left as nature intended?

Aug 15, 2011 Selfish and cruel
by: Ruth

Craig Busch and his mother and the vets who declawed those cats should hang their heads in shame.
The poor creatures lost not only their freedom but their toe ends too and all because some selfish cruel people wanted to ‘own’ them.
I’m too upset to write any more about this.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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3 thoughts on “Did you know that they declaw cats in New Zealand?”

  1. Hi Michael

    Only Craig had the cats declawed. His mother had nothing to do with that at all. Only Craig’s name is mentioned in that report not his mother’s.

    It’s against the Law in New Zealand to declaw. Mr Busch just got away with it because MAF didn’t question it.

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