Did you know that your cat can use iPhone’s Touch ID?

Apple iPhone Touch ID is a security feature which allows a person to unlock their phone by touching the home button. Using a fingerprint sensor the phone recognises the fingerprint and unlocks itself.

One family, Mia and Jake, registered their cat, Max, with a fingerprint profile for Touch ID and now Max unlocks the phone. Pretty cool.

Cats can use Apple Touch ID to unlock phones
Cats can use Apple Touch ID to unlock phones
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I am not sure that Apple envisaged their customers using cats to unlock phones. Max, by the way, is a Russian Blue from Connecticut, USA.

“Mia decided to do it when she was bored. I saw her open the phone with the cat’s paw and decided to make the video. We have four kids and they are always doing funny things like this.”

The video below shows another grey cat unlocking an Apple iPhone 5S with his paw. The 5S was the first Apple phone to have Touch ID.

What does that mean about Touch ID and cat paws? Does it mean that cats have ‘fingerprints’? I can’t see fingerprints on the paw pads of my cat. I see some small cracks but other than that they looks smooth. It seems that Touch ID looks for patterns and patterns do exist on cats’ paw pads.

I can’t see any advantage to registering your cat for Touch ID other than it is a bit of fun. What if he is uncooperative or he goes outside all day?

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