Diet Pills For Cats?

Diet Pills For Cats?

My domestic short hair cat had anal gland problems that led to surgery to remove the sacs that secrete normal fluids while expelling stool.

Since the surgery he has had trouble keeping himself clean and seems very depressed and inactive.

We clean him as best we can, but it is a wild battle every time. After surgery he did not play or exercise with our other cats, and as a result has gained way too many pounds.

We have too many rescued cats to feed them individually, and so the problem continues. I know people can take medicines to curb appetites; is there anything like that on the market for cats?

Hi… thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear about your cat’s illness.

Just by way of a piece of now useless information, The latest edition of the Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

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says that “cats with recurring anal sac infections may benefit from a dental diet such as Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d”.

Moving on to your question. My immediate thought was skepticism about the efficacy of what are called “diet pills”.

They exist for people as you know. But are they effective for people and how safe are they? I think the jury is out on that. And I would bet my bottom dollar that a lot of promises are made by the manufacturers about losing weight the easy way but are these promises a reality?

There are diet pills for dogs apparently. This article: Diet Pills For Dogs made me more hopeful in finding diet pills for cats but no, I failed to find any. Diet pills for dogs cannot be used on cats.

I have the best book of cat health (the one referred to above) and there is no mention in it of cat diet pills. Neither is there mention of diet pills for cats on the internet that I can see.

If there were they would need veterinarian supervision, I suspect putting the overall cost up. And I would be pretty sure that the pills would not be that cheap.

I am sure that you are aware of prescription diet food, such as Hills c/d. My cat was fed this for a while. However feeding dry food only is not wise as far as I am concerned. It can cause urinary tract infections. However you say you can’t manage individual diets.

So where does that leave us? Do you know what happened? Why has his behavior changed after the operation? There may be an answer to your problems there.

He is depressed. It would seem that his inactivity might be due to his apparent depression. He may be in pain. If he is in pain he will be less active. However, he is eating well, which indicates good health.

I have a feeling that he is feeling discomfort and I wonder if this might be checked out – just a thought. Something might not be quite right about the operation, which can be rectified. By the way, I presume that the fact that he can’t clean himself is due to being overweight and not directly linked to the operation.

As to weight loss, it seems the only way is the tried and tested one: eat less and exercise more! Sounds hard but it’s the only way bottom line. The major problem you have is not being able to feed individually. If you could you could feed him a less palatable food.

Sorry, this is a bit of a ramble and not conclusive. Visitor’s comments and ideas welcome.

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Diet Pills For Cats?

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Feb 11, 2011 Your cat
by: Ruth

It seems to me that your cats problems all go back to the operation to remove his anal glands and I think it would be worth having him checked by a vet to make sure something isn’t wrong in that area. I take it he had disolvable stitches ?
It could be one hasn’t disolved and is irritating him, he can’t reach it and so he’s having to live with the pain. Cats are notorious at hiding pain and the op alone shouldn’t have made him depressed and unplayful for very long. They also hate being helped to clean their private bits, to them it’s undignified.
I don’t know of diet pills for cats and if there were such things I wouldn’t recommend them after hearing about the side effects some people suffer. Your poor cat has enough of a problem already.
I hope a vet can help him as once he feels better in himself and starts getting around more he will lose a bit of weight.
Encourage him to use his scratching post and play with him dragging something for him to chase. Give him lots of TLC.
Good luck.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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