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  1. My cats have a bowl of dry food that is replenished as needed; an endless supply, if you will. I also give them wet food two or three times a day, when the elder one asks for it. They also get treats when he asks for them. I know what he is asking for depending where he sits. The younger one doesn’t always stop by for her treat, which is good since she is a little too plump.

    Although my process is not perfect, I have somewhat found a way around the over-treating issue. In their endless food bowl, I place one brand of cat food. As their treats, I use another brand of cat food, Fancy Feast. They like it better than the other brand, which allows me to “treat” them with the FF.

    This way I can monitor their “treats” as well as make sure the older one is getting enough to eat. I don’t think the older one eats at the endless bowl any more. The younger one needs to play more. 😉

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