Different ways for vets to learn how to deal with angry cats

Role play to instruct how to handle an angry cat
Role play to instruct how to handle an angry cat. Screenshot.
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Here are two videos showing how vets and veterinary staff deal with angry cats in their care.

The interesting aspect of these instructional videos is that the first is using a real patient and the second uses role play (and well done to the guy playing the cat!).

I can’t watch the first video because it upsets me to see cats so distressed. I’d make a terrible veterinarian. Maybe not, but I don’t like these videos because I can sense how upset, distressed and probably in pain these cats are.


I found the second video amusing and instructional. It is probably a better video on that basis.

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2 thoughts on “Different ways for vets to learn how to deal with angry cats”

  1. The treatment video went okay. He wasn’t too upset, they weren’t too rough on him and I think if it goes semi okay like that again and again he’ll learn these visits aren’t the end, that he won’t get hurt and might relax more in successive visits, though he was “fired” from previous vets in the past. Maybe they weren’t as skillful, successful. And as long as he’s well taken care of like this he won’t need to go back as often. Repetition though is more helpful.

  2. Great musical accompaniment on the training video. Instantly comical here. I expect like Benny Hill music is over there.


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