Differently-abled cats Sir Thomas and The Wizard (and others)

There is magic at Milo’s Sanctuary. It was founded and is managed by Michele Hoffman from Santa Barbara. It’s a sanctuary for cats that nobody wants but she does. It’s a place where cats disfigured by brutal people can find love to the end of their days. It’s a place where cats who are terminally ill can live as happily as possible. And Michele, a former vet tech, works full-time in the film business and still manages to run the sanctuary of a max. of 75 cats. Amazing.

Michele Hoffman
Michele Hoffman. Photo: Jam Press
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These are unwanted cats but Michele wants them and she wants to give them the love they deserve. She knows her limits both in terms of numbers and finances and that tells us how great a person she is. All cat owners should be like her, attracted to cats not by their physical beauty but by their inner beauty, their vulnerability and the fact that they need help.

The magic is the glowing love within this organisation. I’ve not visited it but you can almost feel it thousands of miles away. On the website of Milo’s Sanctuary there is a story written, I guess, by Michele, called, “The Lion and The Wizard”. It’s the story of two of the cats who’ve lived at Milo’s Sanctuary written in the style of legend. They are Sir Thomas Trueheart (Truehart) and The Wizard. Both had been attacked by evil monsters: humans.

Sir Thomas Trueheart
Sir Thomas Trueheart. Photo: Milo’s Sanctuary

Sir Thomas also called Tommy, was found in the desert in California with severe burns. It was reported that somebody had thrown acid on his head. This had severely disfigured him and he was rescued in June 2016. He was taken to the sanctuary. Michele said: “He was found wandering the high desert and came to us shortly thereafter. He was the most gentle and forgiving cat in the world. He loved everyone and taught so many about forgiveness and love.”

The Wizard
The Wizard. Photo: Milo’s Sanctuary

The Wizard also known as Wizard had also been set upon by the “forces of darkness”. In this story Michele writes that a band of monsters attacked the wizard. They wounded his face eyes and ears. A kind woman helped him and he was taken Milo’s Sanctuary.

Wizard and Tommy became best friends. They were friends until the end of their days. Tommy crossed the rainbow bridge before Wizard. You will not read a better story of grotesquely abused cats by horrible people living out their lives contentedly thanks to Michele Hoffman.

It’s remarkable how forgiving and gentle cats are even after the abuse they have suffered. This is a lesson that people can learn from them. Michele says that the cats in her care don’t know that they are special needs. It’s a label that people put on them. She prefers to call them “differently-abled. I like that because it removes the disabled label. It’s a description which fits better how cats feel about themselves. Michele also said that, “Cats that are differently-abled have taught me to never give up, to learn to love, forgive and accept those around you for who they are-not on the outside but on the inside.”

Biscuit Butterpaws
Biscuit Butterpaws. Photo: Milo’s Sanctuary

I want to finish by referring to another beautiful boy cat in her care, Biscuit Butterpaws; although all the cats in her care are of equal value and equally beautiful. Biscuit Butterpaws is 6 years old and he was rescued from Mexico after somebody had beaten him with a club. He suffered severe injuries and both of his eyes were ruptured. They had to be removed but he is still the sweetest and gentlest of cats, Michele said.

The love glows from this place. It’s the magic of Milo’s Sanctuary.

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  1. I am so glad for places like Milo’s Sanctuary, although I wish there was no need for them. It truly turns my stomach to know there are so many evil people in the world.


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