What kind of Cat is My Cat??

What kind of Cat is My Cat??

by Carrie Burwell

I got my cat when she was only 2 or 3 months old. I got her and, her sister (Taco) from people who did drugs and they couldn't afford them so, we took them!

But, they never told us what kind they were. And, my cat's name is Paws. But, I think they might be Calico, but they have grey. And, Paws is solid grey except for like the black spotted on her.

She is very energetic, loves being outside, hates other cats, loves to attack feet, loves playing with her sister Taco, and she always sleeps on my head or around my neck. (=

Hi... Sorry for the delay in responding. Paws does look like a calico cat. In fact I think Paws is a dilute calico cat.

The black fur is diluted. You can see a dilute calico cat if you click on the above link.

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I am curious about what breed my cat is!

by Ambra
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

having a snooze...

having a snooze...

having a snooze... grumpy about his visit to the vet... clearly quite stressed out... helping me with some houshold cleaning...


I am curious if anyone can help me work out what breed my cat is. We got him at a shelter 6 years back. He has a wonderful temperament (aside from the howling), he's gentle, and loving and barely sheds.

Also, if anyone is able to give me an explanation of the howling that would be so great. He does it just after my husband and I go to bed, sometimes in the middle of the night and sometimes even randomly throughout the day.


Hi Ambra.. to me he is not a cat breed but a semi-longhaired, orange (red), mackeral tabby and white cat.

A great cat by the way. Orange cats are mean to be the bosses when there are groups of cats!

You might like to read, "What Breed Is My Cat?".

See also Orange Persian Cat.


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