Dilute Calico Cat

by Jana Marr
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)


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Hi, My name is Jana and we found our cat under a car in a vacant lot. We have been trying to find out what breed she is but with the help of your web site and the vet we have determined that she is a moggy calico dilute. She has very soft, medium hair with a long tail. We also think that she might be part Siamese due to her face shape. I would enjoy hearing what you think. Thanks Jana

Hi Jana: Hey, thanks for sharing. Well, I think that you are spot on right. And she is gorgeous. I am not sure about the Siamese though. A mixed breed cat can have influences from many breed sources or none. Over 100 years ago there were no formal cat breeds. I found my companion cat under a car too. And she is a moggy as well (black and white - tuxedo).

I like your photo too. Maybe someone else will comment.

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Dilute Calico Cat

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dilute calico tortie NEW
by: Anonymous

In November I adopted a dilute calico tortie a week after putting my lovely calico Missy Kitty to sleep. Maggie, whom I named after my mother, myself and a dog I met in PETCO is sweet and gentle although she is shy and somewhat of a scardy cat.I doubt that is a trait of the breed.I don't have a picture of her to send.

Apr 04, 2012 dilute calico tortie NEW
by: Anonymous

In November I adopted a dilute calico tortie a week after putting my lovely calico Missy Kitty to sleep. Maggie, whom I named after my mother, myself and a dog I met in PETCO is sweet and gentle although she is shy and somewhat of a scardy cat.I doubt that is a trait of the breed.I don't have a picture of her to send.

My Kitten
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 to 5 month old kitten named Cate. She is very playful, curious, and sweet. She is a Dilute Calico.

Sep 05, 2011 Photo of a Samantha lookalike!
by: Ruth

Jana just to let you know I now have photos up on this site of my little Lola at:



Sep 04, 2011 So like my little kitten!
by: Anonymous

Jana - Samantha is beautiful and quite like my kitten Lola. She was given to me by a friend at a time when although I love cats I hadn't really intended to get one just then. When I saw her I just fell in love with her and I now have a companion for her a long haired tabby called Leandro. People have told me he may be part maine coon.

Lola is like Samantha kind of tortie and white but with very muted colours mixed through in her coat. I like the term dlute calico or tortie/white. I never heard that before. I'll try to post some photos on a new page and then you can look.

Enjoy your time with littel Samantha


Aug 22, 2011 kitty likes
by: Anonymous

Jana- she is adorable! Looks a lot like one of ours. Ours is calico.

Jul 16, 2011 Beautiful Dilute Calico
by: Lucy

Your cat is gorgeous! I had a dilute calico for 16 yr. She passed away in May and I miss her so much. We got her as a tiny kitten, from a litter of kittens a Mama cat had at the nursing home I was working at in Quitman, GA. My eldest daughter found her and brought her to me one day when I was picking up my paycheck. She said "Mommy, isn't she a sweetheart? Can we keep her?" to which I replied, "Only if you let me name her Chloe"........she was "The Queen" of our house; I mean, she didn't put up with NOTHIN"!! She was a loving cat, but she didn't like it when I brought other kittens into our home! She would warm up at her own pace and eventually, love the other cats we've had. She lived the longest of all the cats we've had. She had cancer and I prayed that she would just go to sleep. She left this world 5/23/11 in my arms and I cried like a baby! Please enjoy every moment you have with this beauty!!!

Jul 10, 2011 your cat
by: Sam

Im not sure what kind of cat you have but my cat is a calico of some sort and is identical to your cat Samantha in its color and even its pattern. very interesting

Jun 27, 2011 Beautiful colorings!
by: Kimberly

My kitty Mommy just passed away last week due to cancer. She was diagnosed the week before and it went fast.

We went out to find a new member of our family to help me cope with the loss of my child and found Sophie. She looks a lot like yours, except Sophie has that tuxedo look added into her diluted calico coloring.


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May 13, 2011 Similar
by: Stuart

The cat is almost exactly my kitten Kimbah in colour. Very pretty 🙂

Mar 30, 2011 Dilute tortie simease mix
by: Anonymous

Its a dilute tortie simease mix. I have one and yours looks just like mine

by: LowEagle

My best fury friend passed away last week . I miss her so much
. from the day i found her under a truck 4 years ago her and i were together. A starving flea bitten oily smeely cat . She didt take kindly to being taken into the house. But didnt argue about the food.. She would attack my feet i figured she was kick a few times . she was in pretty bad shape..she meowed with annooence when i picked her up and seemed to hate humans. i named her Grumpy cat and told her if she didnt smarted up i would make a moccasin out of her.well the last few mornings of her life she was up on my bed giving me her morning purrs . demanding her breakfast.She was/is a beautifull cat she was my friend i will miss her greatly. It is was and always will be an honour to have known her. and even threw the pain of her passing im so glad i took her in I will aways have wonDerfuly memorys of my Grumpy cat. rest in peace my sweet sweet baby girl.

Mar 04, 2011 Siamese or not Siamese... Or maybe Siamese Mix
by: Julia

I most definitely have a dilute calico-Siamese mix cat. My vet says he's never seen a cat quite like her. She has huge ears which tend to point diagonally & a very long, pronounced muzzle area. Actually my vet suggested she could be an Oriental (I now hear the 2 breeds are roughly the same.) None of my photos of my heavenly girl are very good (she usually moves so they come out blurred), but if I knew how to upload one I would!
I tend to agree about the pictured cat having some Siamese in her - it's all down to the shape of face.
My girl is not long for this world - she's 12 & has a failing liver - I will find her loss unbearable. I keep seeking a 'lookalike' in adverts, but no luck. My Phoebe also has a very deep miaow & her general behaviour is much more like a dog than a cat. I've never ever had a cat this intelligent & this response. She gazes right into my eyes. Her character is something quite apart from my other 6 cats - I believe this is the Siamese in her. Totally adore her.

Jan 24, 2011 domestic shorthair
by: Anonymous

Hi! I have a kitten about that same age (7 months) that looks EXACTLY like that! She is a domestic shorthaired grey calico!

Jan 24, 2011 domestic shorthair
by: Anonymous

Hi! I have a kitten about that same age (7 months) that looks EXACTLY like that! She is a domestic shorthaired grey calico!

Nov 12, 2010 UrGENT to Mildred.
by: Anonymous

When a female cat goes without spaying for more than 6 months, she will most likely develop uterine or mammary cancer later in life and you will have to put her to sleep. I was warned by my Vet that this could happen to my beloved calico, Carly, and it DID. I had to put her to sleep lat year, the day before my birthday and it was just awful. I still haven't gotten over it. Her uterus swelled up and it blocked everything and they had to do an emergency spaying when she was 6 years old. then, when she was about 12, she developed mammary cancer and, after a year or less, we had to put her to sleep because the tumor ruptured. Which they often do. So get your cat spayed ASAP and just maybe she won't develop cancer later.

Nov 08, 2010 Dilute patched tabby and white
by: crested ibis

I would say that she is a dilute tortoiseshell and white. Actually, make that a dilute patched tabby (aka torbie)and white, since you can see tabby markings in the blue (i.e. grey) areas. A calico will have large patches of red and black (or grey and cream, in the case of a dilute) against a largely white background. With a tortoiseshell, the colors are mixed in together. Dilute patched tabby and white would be the color class if your kitty were in a cat show. The face shape is pure domestic short hair--don't see any Siamese in her. Gorgeous kitty!

Oct 17, 2010 i have a dilute calico cat. her name is spreckles.
by: dadasgirl

spreckles is a dirty cat. she is a dilute calico,and she has baby kittens,her kittens names are,fluffy,princejohn,skennyweenie,and eilgeren.

Oct 10, 2010 Baby Girl aka Shadow
by: Anonymous

I have a pastel calico, or dilute, too. We've had her since her mother, a feral calico, gave birth on our doorstep leaving "Baby Girl Shadow" behind. She blends into the surroundings when we walk in the woods.

Oct 07, 2010 My Karma
by: Stefis

I’m so happy that finally …. I find out my cats made….
I love her so much that really I never thought or care what made, my Karma (name of my cut) was. Meanwhile … I never knew what answer to give back, when I was asked ….”what kind of cat..is she” ? My answer ?....” It’s my kind of cut..my Karma …” !!
anyway…what I have to say for her, is that she adores airplanes, when we travel we take her always with us , she is very happy and excited when she gets into the plane the same time very quiet and cool….!
Why I name her “Karma”…. ? Because we found her very very small, new born, exhausted with an eye close…. thrown in the street… so it was indented to leave….she had her own karma for life…..now she’s nearly three years old, very healthy, very happy….
thank you

Sep 09, 2010 calico cat
by: shirley

i have a calico cat she is stunning shes due to have kittens soon i hope they look like her

Sep 09, 2010 KITTENS
by: Anonymous

cats are amazing i found mine at a house that was just built a couple of nights ago she got out of the house and we cant find her

Sep 07, 2010 Haiiii just want ta say....
by: CatRescueGirl

Hi Jana,

I Have a Calico cat too her name is Tails. We found her, Her mother, her brother and sister under our shed with some dead kittens )(probably from a birth defect) the greatest thing about my cat is that you can put a gun to her head and she will be lovey till the end of the day. Now i like your cat because shes beautiful and i just LOVE them i rescue Cats we have like 16 now because some of them were adopted my friend Donna (grown up i am 12) has over 50 cats and one of them i gave her

Jul 24, 2010 Personality plus
by: Qtip

All of the cats on the page are beautiful. I have a dilute calico, got her when she was a baby and now she is 14 or so. Here is the deal, she has more personality than some people I know!! Either she is pulling books off the shelf or just meowing ever time I say her name(Fisher or Fishface), I have never even heard of a cat that acts like her. Is it genetics or did I just get lucky? She also hates all other cats and screams like a human if one gets close to her, all these traits make up one very loveable and snuggle kitty. If I could figure out how to put her picture up here I would. Instead I think I will start her own facebook page. If interested go to Fishface at facebook.com.

Jul 07, 2010 on your calico
by: Katie

Hi, Jana:

Is your cat really, really vocal? If so, she may well be a Siamese mix.
I have two pastel calicos of the same colors, and one in particular is so loud. I had a Snowshoe for 14 years (they are part Siamese) and she is far more vocal than he was. She also has 5 toes on her front paws and had extra claws. Her hair is short.
My other calico has a very lady-like small mew unless she is in distress when she screams like a banshee. She appears to be part Persian with the longer hair and fluffy tail.
I would say, listen to your little cat, and her voice will give it away!
Best to you.

Jun 07, 2010 my dilute calico
by: Anonymous

I've had my Trixie for 3 years now, and she is the sweetest, most loving cat. She sleeps on top of my pillow every night.

Apr 19, 2010 My Calico
by: Mildred

I have a calico looks just like that xcept the grey on the eye is on the right side, it surrounds and looks like she has a black eye, Mt friend has a whole lot of cats I figured she is very inbred cause their are quiet a few more like her, I have had her since she was 5 wks old and she is beautiful she is coming up on 3yrs old and never had kittens and has never been spaded! I find that inhumane! She is also leashed trained and spoiled rotten, she thinks she is human in so many ways, my boyfriend does not care 4or cats but she has won his heart! She sleeps in bed under covers like a child! I do appreciate that I could comment and share with you the life of my cat, when I took her to the cry they told me she was Pastel Calico, whatever she is I love her very much that my momma!

Jan 25, 2010 Dilute Calico Cat
by: Michael

Response to the last comment:

Susan emailed me a picture of her calico cat, Grace:

dilute calico cat
Grace - photo Susan Downey.

Grace is a blue (grey - dilute black) cat with white and the tortoiseshell markings/colorings.

I think Grace is a blue tortoiseshell and white cat or blue calico cat. Tortoiseshell and white is an English term for the American "calico". She has a large amount of grey hair and not much white.

She has the "blaze" right down the center of her nose. The lighter color on the nose of this cat is caused by a pigment called phaeomelanin (red/yellow pigment).

That is my assessment for what it is worth. If anyone can improve or correct me I am happy to accept.

See: Black tortoiseshell (new window), tortoiseshell (new window) and calico cats.

Michael Avatar

Jan 23, 2010 Lovely Girl
by: Susan Downey

Hi. I think your cat is lovely. I have one who I think is about 6 months old and she is very close in color to yours but has longer hair for sure.
Grace found me at a Gas station on my way to Lloydminister, AB. I had her weighed that day at 2.4 KG just over 1 lb. poor girl was shaking and scared and very brave to come up to me meowing and I just couldn't help myself. I was hers and off we went in my truck.
I have been looking up info online for awhile trying to find out what my cats color is called.
Your photo showed me a similarity to my own cat.
Thank you.
Susan Downey

Jan 23, 2010 Pretty kitty!
by: Amy

Our cat Salome looks a lot like yours, except she is semi-longhaired, and has less gray and white and more buffy/cream. I think Salome is a dilute tortoiseshell. Your cat is gorgeous!

Jan 06, 2010 Looks like my girl, Bonnie.
by: Anonymous

down to dark spot on one side of her nose.

Dec 26, 2009 Pictures
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

If anyone who comments would like to show us their cat they can email me a picture at:

mjbmeister [at] gmail.com replacing [at] with @

Please refer to the original article. Thanks for the comments.

Dec 23, 2009 Looks like my "Isis"
by: Chelsey

I have a dilute calico and her mother was part siamese. She is an intelligent cat, she seems to observe and analize everything. She doesnt like to be picked up, but loves it if you pet her where she is at on her own level. Wonderful cat, wouldnt trade her for the world!

Nov 05, 2009 Jasmine
by: Michelle

My Jasmine had the same colors as your kitty. I have doing some research about calico cats, as I just lost my sweet Jasmine October 30 to lymphoma. She was a mixed breed, domestic shorthair, dilute calico, and was the softest kitty in the whole world.

Tell me, is your kitty on the curious side? Willful? Loving? Jasmine didn't like to be carried around but loved to cuddle or sit in my lap. Does this sound like your kitty at all? I have decided that my next kitty will also be a dilute calico, as I just loved Jasmine's personality.

Sep 15, 2009 Could be Siamese
by: Karen

I rescued my cat from the shelter when she was 4 1/2 months old. The shelter called her a Siamese Mix. Her Siamese was evident by her face and her blue eyes, the mix not so. After I brought her home, her colors started coming in. Her colors are identical to your cat. I am now under the impression she is a Siamese Calico. The funny thing about my cat, I didn't want a kitten, nor did I want a Siamese, I went to the shelter looking for an adult Calico. I believe I got the best of both. She is a wonderful little girl. She has been with me for 6 years now!

Sep 12, 2009 Sunny sounds adorable
by: Anonymous

David, Sunny sounds completely adorable and you obviously do a great job with your cats. You have an affinity with cats I sense. We love these stories.

There is an article on Calico cats on this site

Sep 12, 2009 A Dilute Calico kitten just adopted us, too.
by: David Gibson

My partner and I support three feral cats. Two of them have become pretty tame and allow us to pet them. Actually, they seem to want to be petted rather than eat most times. One of them, however, remains stand-offish, but comes to within arms-length. We think it's just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, we rescued two kittens of one of the feral cats before we trapped all three of them and had them altered. We have raised them indoors and they are happy and loving cats. Sort of barn cats, if you will, but sweet cats, nevertheless. Recently, two of our feral cats went missing for two days and nights causing us great anguish. Finally, on the third day, at about dawn, we went to the carport and one of them had found his way home. But as we bid him good morning and welcome home, we heard another cat crying loudly. We were afraid it was the other feral cat in distress. Upon searching the entire carport area, under the car, around the car and finally IN the car . . . under the hood, to be exact, there was a lovely Dilute Calico kitten, that the veterinarian reports is about six weeks old. She's absolutely adorable and the sweetest kitten I have ever experienced. She saw us and instantly began purring so loudly that we could hear her from far away.

She was hungry, but had excellent litter box skills and even used the scratching post with a minimum of instruction by our other indoor cats. The veterinarian reports she is in excellent health . . . except for a couple of fleas, which were treated and already seems to know her way around the entire house -- like she own the place. She sleeps straight through the night in her large crate from 9 p.m. (her bed time) until 6 a.m. Never needs to use her little litter pan which I put in her crate at night along with a little dry food and some water. I let her out of her crate promptly at 6 a.m. and she wants her wet food. She then uses her litter box and then plays like a champ. She is the light of the household and has won us over in no time at all.

We wouldn't dream of giving her up, she is a total love and a real beauty, too. We have named her Sunny. The doc says she was probably born on August 1st. I quickly corrected him by saying . . . "no, she had to have been born on July 31st, MY birthday.--Another sunny Leo, like me.

Jun 25, 2009 So Sweet !!!!!
by: Sydney

Omigosh ! your cat is soooo adorable ! I have a diluted calico , too ! I think it's amazing you found her under a car ! Did you adopt her or did she adopt you ?

Jun 24, 2009 RE: Samantha
by: Anonymous

Hi Jana - My kitty, Patty (short for Patches) looks similar to yours, though a little lighter in color. At the shelter where I got her, they told me that she was a calico dilute, tortoiseshell dilute, siamese (her eyes are very blue). She is so sweet and loving - best cat I've ever had!

8 thoughts on “Dilute Calico Cat”

  1. Guess I should have finished my post first..I was trying to figure out how to post a pictures, so I could show show you 2 Calico Saimese, but cant figure it out so I will discribe them.

    1 My daughters Cat Ty, is a Seal Point with light orange patches.
    2 my cat Ming, Blue Point with “peachy” orange patches..

    Peolpe are always trying to figure out what breed of they have and the Shelters are NOT helping with matter. Just becuase it looks like a Maine Coon or Russian Blue, does not make it make Maine Coon or Russian Blue. The Amrican cat has so many differant breeds mixed in them that they can “resimble” any 1 or 2 breed types. And shelters and vets only go off a short breed color chart and breed list. Plus the inforamtin thst they accually know is limited. And some breeds like the siamese have 2 face types, the trangle shape and apple shape.

    Remember that unlike dogs, cats have been allowed to “roam” free since they first started bring cats over from other countries. And bred with whom ever they choose,so there is really a lot of different breed trait in the average cat. This makes the Ameican cat simply a “Mutt” Cat. Which is still a very good cat, but placing a breed name to them is almost impossible, unlees someone owns 2 breed cats the produced kittens.. and on a very rare occation you will find a “chocalate Siamese” in the shelter and it turns out to be a pure bred Burmise Cat..

    But for the most part 97% of the cats on Craiglist, found somewhere, and in shelters are just Good ol’ American Mutt Cats.. This does inclued the “siamese marked” cat. Just because it has siamese marking does not mean its a ‘siamese mix’ there are other breeds with the siamese markings, and that trait could have been from 7 or more generations back.

    The American Mutt cat is still a very good cat, and is just as good, if not better, then the breed cats, as They tend to far healthier. AND they come in array of fur type and color patterns.

    • Hi Chris, sorry there is no facility to post a picture but you can email me the pics and I’ll add them to your comment. My email address is:

      mjbmeister[at]gmail.com (change the [at] to @)

      I would really like to see your calico Siamese.

  2. Hi Jana, It looks like your cat has tabby markings. If so that makes her coloring an dilute Orange Patched Tabby. I used to work with someone’s (about 20yr ago) that raised and showed cats, and I had a “mutt” cat that looked similier to yours, mine had tabby markings. When I showed my freind a picture of Pearl she told what her color pattern really was.

    And as far as having siamese, very hard to tell. A siamese is not the only breed to have a triangle shaped face. And the Domesitic “American” cat can carry any number of traits form any number of breeds. Includine being a Calico Siamese..


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