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  2. Guess I should have finished my post first..I was trying to figure out how to post a pictures, so I could show show you 2 Calico Saimese, but cant figure it out so I will discribe them.

    1 My daughters Cat Ty, is a Seal Point with light orange patches.
    2 my cat Ming, Blue Point with “peachy” orange patches..

    Peolpe are always trying to figure out what breed of they have and the Shelters are NOT helping with matter. Just becuase it looks like a Maine Coon or Russian Blue, does not make it make Maine Coon or Russian Blue. The Amrican cat has so many differant breeds mixed in them that they can “resimble” any 1 or 2 breed types. And shelters and vets only go off a short breed color chart and breed list. Plus the inforamtin thst they accually know is limited. And some breeds like the siamese have 2 face types, the trangle shape and apple shape.

    Remember that unlike dogs, cats have been allowed to “roam” free since they first started bring cats over from other countries. And bred with whom ever they choose,so there is really a lot of different breed trait in the average cat. This makes the Ameican cat simply a “Mutt” Cat. Which is still a very good cat, but placing a breed name to them is almost impossible, unlees someone owns 2 breed cats the produced kittens.. and on a very rare occation you will find a “chocalate Siamese” in the shelter and it turns out to be a pure bred Burmise Cat..

    But for the most part 97% of the cats on Craiglist, found somewhere, and in shelters are just Good ol’ American Mutt Cats.. This does inclued the “siamese marked” cat. Just because it has siamese marking does not mean its a ‘siamese mix’ there are other breeds with the siamese markings, and that trait could have been from 7 or more generations back.

    The American Mutt cat is still a very good cat, and is just as good, if not better, then the breed cats, as They tend to far healthier. AND they come in array of fur type and color patterns.

    • Hi Chris, sorry there is no facility to post a picture but you can email me the pics and I’ll add them to your comment. My email address is:

      mjbmeister[at]gmail.com (change the [at] to @)

      I would really like to see your calico Siamese.

  3. Hi Jana, It looks like your cat has tabby markings. If so that makes her coloring an dilute Orange Patched Tabby. I used to work with someone’s (about 20yr ago) that raised and showed cats, and I had a “mutt” cat that looked similier to yours, mine had tabby markings. When I showed my freind a picture of Pearl she told what her color pattern really was.

    And as far as having siamese, very hard to tell. A siamese is not the only breed to have a triangle shaped face. And the Domesitic “American” cat can carry any number of traits form any number of breeds. Includine being a Calico Siamese..

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