Dirty Chinese Restaurant game lets players chop up cats

Wow, this is something bizarrely new and deliberately outrageous (as a selling point). It is a mobile game. It is called ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’. The players chase after cats and dogs to chop them up with a cleaver to cook and serve to customers (a play on the brutal cat meat industry). The game is intentionally offensive. Another goal is to try and prevent the restaurant staff from being deported.

Players have to keep the badly paid staff working at sweatshop intensity. There is illegal gambling in the restaurant.

The game was created by ‘Big-O-Tree Games’. A play on the word ‘bigotry’. The game is full of bigotry.

The game uses demeaning stereotypes of the Chinese American. It is racist. I wonder if the game will survive the authorities. I’d be surprised if it did not breach some law somewhere.

It is also horrible from the point of view of the glorification, mockery or belittling of the brutal killing and eating of cats.

One of the game’s developers said: ‘Our game in no way is meant to be an accurate representation of Chinese culture’. Fine, but what about the cats? We don’t want to see something horrible such as brutally killing cats for cat meat turned into a stupid game. That’s unethical. I guess you guys know that and have deliberately used that fact to promote the game which was registered by George Lambropoulos.

It is unlikely that the game will be sold through Google and Apple online stores because the game breaches their terms and conditions.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Chinese Restaurant game lets players chop up cats”

  1. Shameful and disgusting. Shows a complete lack of human decency and lacks the very basics for minimum ethical values. You must be mentally impaired or have had an irresponsible upbringing. You’ll learn someday, hopefully.

    • Yep, agreed. I think this guy simply wanted to get publicity from developing an outrageous game. It is about that because it is totally unacceptable.

  2. I guess you would be equally offended with games called “Turkey Hunt” or “Big Game Hunter” or “Bass Fishing Master”, or any other games where the goal is to kill animals. If they were running around with cleavers trying to catch and kill chickens to fry-up for your dinner you’d be just-as appalled as well.

    Have you considered starving yourself and your carnivore cats to death as a solution to your moral dilemmas? It might work.

  3. Not a game I would want to see a child playing. Definitely offensive and cruel natured. Why would they even produce and sell such an item? Have any of these games actually been bought by the consumer yet? Purely disgusting and evil natured.


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