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Disaster: California’s bill to ban declawing died at committee stage

California Legislature

Those of us who hate cat declawing will have to wait longer for a state in America to be the first to ban declawing and thereby start the beginning of the end of this thoroughly objectionable and cruel veterinary practice.

California’s legislature was debating a statewide ban but the bill (draft proposed law AB 1230)) died at committee state on April 23rd we are told by the In Defence of Animals website.

As usual the veterinary associations used all their guile and lies (yes lies) to convince the law makers to abandon the bill.

There is nothing more to say except to mourn the loss of another chance to ban declawing statewide. The bill was supported by The Paw Project, a wonderful organisations and was proposed by Bill Quirk.

New York state have been doing the same thing for ages and their bill to ban declawing appears to have fizzled out as well.

American vets should be ashamed of themselves. They should stop doing the operation voluntarily. It is a complete and clear breach of their oath. They are living a lie. They are delusional. They lie to keep the practice alive. Many of them actively promote it in playing down the seriousness of the operation and its side effects or they provide discounted prices.


They often fail to explain the operation to their clients and thereby pull the wool over their eyes. Many cat owners to this day believe declawing is removing only the claw. Vets let their clients remain ignorant of the fact that it is ten partial amputations down to the first knuckle of each toe.

That’s the crime. A cruel crime against millions of cats who today, at this moment, are in pain, many of them, and disturbed with dodgy gaits and anxious behaviours resulting in increased biting. Some are being abandoned to shelters because of behavioural problems caused by declawing. Many have suffered botched declawing operations leaving shards of bone in their paws and worse.

And do the vets give a damn. Of course not. All they really care about their profit margin.

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