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Discussion: are these threats against a child for caring about cats? — 37 Comments

  1. It is so sad and naive that the Woodys of the world think all cats are destroying the ecosystem. What would the planet be like if there were no people to control animals the way these Woodys think they should be controlled? Probably running smoothly just like before humans came on the scene. Humans seem to have the knack for ruining everything they touch. Nature is created so that it runs itself.

  2. I just learned I have a dog troll now! I’m so LUCKY! I have a cat AND a dog troll. He goes by Sam Sims and thinks dogs are coming to shoot him!

  3. You think that clown is bad… you should see some of the ones on a FB page called: Empty Cages Worldwide Even tho..the page does it’s best to care about animals (all animals). There are those who post there (hunter’s mostly) who get their panties in a twist when I tell them what I think of them. One specific picture come to mind of a scum bag in Australia that shot a feral cat in the stomach with a bow & arrow and posted a pic of himself posing with this poor cat. Well, ECW posted that pic….many people thought the guys was a scum bag and I made that known. BUT .. there were a bunch (mostly from there too) sticking up for him (mind you every single one of them are hunters). They take some sick perverse joy in killing feral cats there. Even tho I made so many arguments as to try a different way (they don’t care). I swear they’re all retards…you should see some of the stuff they spew. It’s worth a laugh..but also you’d be appalled by their lack of compassion. Anyway, if you ever get a chance..it’s a facebook page called Empty Cages Worldwide (especially the one post with the creep in camo and his trophy pic dead feral cat).

  4. Yep, that’s Woody. I saw him over on One Green Planet earlier this year. Same stupid rant that was as long as War and Peace. And one time he either had a buddy or created another sockpuppet so he could pretend he was a 16 year old serial killer in training. It’s so cute when they post multiple times while repeating those buzzwords and they think nobody recognizes them. Funny thing about these trolls, they latch onto words like “vermin” or “noxious invasive species” and repeat them over and over again.

      • That’s true. The first time I read his comment I became angry. I was bored by the time I read the third comment. Shock value coming from an insane mindset wears thin pretty quickly.

        There’s another one on You Tube, Christopher something, who apparently has a pretty high opinion of himself. He posted on a vid about that bow hunting Lindsey freak, grandly proclaimed that everyone who read his post should immediately take their pet cats to the vet and have them euthanized. Another one who could benefit from talk therapy and heavy duty anti-psychotic meds.

        • He gets boring because he repeats himself OVER and OVER and OVER. I felt the same. There’s actually more to the comment but I shortened it because it would have tripled the length of this article.

    • My daughter was reading one of the Examiner articles I left open and she said it has about 500 comments and its mostly him. Oh well, as long as no one complains to me he can keep ranting there. LOL.

  5. I think it’s hilarious that he thinks we’re the same person. And my cats live solely indoors and don’t kill anything. So I have no clue where he’s getting his info from. 🙂

    • Oh no, Elisa! You have a dual personality called Elisa and Irish? LOL! How ever will Woody keep up with both of you and still find time to rant at the rest of us?

      • I’m friends with Irish. She’s a great person and a fellow feral colony keeper. I just don’t know where he got the lame-brained idea we’re the same person.

        But I think I have a few dual personalities. Furby and Sealy.

          • I think you’re right. Tonight I’ve already done a dog being killed because the shelter adopted him out to the wrong person. I’m working on Pinterest boards now for shelter cats and dogs in Greenville. Then someone wants an article for cats found in a box somewhere and needing a home. Then I have a few time’s up for the local shelter articles. Then I’ll check out the Senior Pets boards and pick a few of those to write on. And I think I have a few YouCaring rescue pages I need to promote. ALL in the next 4 hours!

  6. So now Elisa/Irish is going to throw children in the line of fire as her defense for all the animals she tortures and destroys with her cats. When do you start picking up babies and hold them in front of you as your last defense? LOL

    • Betty Looney with all the kids who commit crimes you should be praising a 8 year old who volunteers at the animal shelter and collecting food for cats and dogs in need to donate to the Christian Ministry food bank. We work with this child every weekend and had to pull his birthday story because of fools like you!

  7. Yes that is for sure. I wish I had had that knowledge at that age.Kaleb deserves the best in life and being able to ignore idiots and get on with what your doing is very important.

  8. Keep up the good work Kaleb and don’t listen to negative idiots that have nothing better to do.anyone who says that about a young boy who is doing good isn’t worth listening to anyway. Cats are beautiful animals and I have 4 of my own and I love them dearly..a great article elisa.

    • At least Kaleb is learning about idiots at a young age. Maybe he’ll be more prepared than the rest of us were.

    • I think it’s Woody as well. He spouts gibberish. I just hate that he directed it toward a 7 year old. Shows just how low he will go.

      • I have a feeling there is more than one Woody. He gives us something to fight and get fired up about. That ain’t a bad thing except the comments they made are immoral and obnoxious.

        • Oh Lordy! What if all the Woody’s get together for one big zombie Woody apocalypse! Get out your bows and arrows ladies! Aim for the brain! Oops, we’re DOOMED because Woody doesn’t HAVE a brain!

          • I think you could be correct. Think how long he stays on his computer trolling cat websites! He must spend all day messing around with his trolling. I suppose all the others have banned him. I’ve banned him about 50 times 😉 .

            • If Woody had any REAL intelligence he’d start his own ranting blog and sell advertising space and gather all of the cat haters to his site and make money off of them. Instead he posts on a cat lovers site where he doesn’t make a dime. Not only is Woody a pathetic troll, he’s a pathetic troll with no business sense.

              • Lucky for me, and all like me, we know that we have our morals still fully intact…….(remainder deleted as it insults Elisa).

                Woody, I will delete all your comments if you insist on insulting people. Stop it – Michael

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