Discussion: Do any of you have cats who returned from the ‘Rainbow Bridge?’

When I posted the photo for this article on a black cat appreciation group of which I’m a member, I started gaining comments confirming my belief in cats coming back after they’ve crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Have any of you had cats who returned to you from the Rainbow Bridge?

A black cat lover named Rachel agrees with my claims of having my beloved Peeper back in the form of Clarabelle, stating

“I definitely have seen proof of reincarnation in cats. I think this is actually what is meant by 9 lives. I have a cat that has been in several bodies since before I was born and keeps coming back. Currently awaiting the return of my beloved Celeste who passed last November. She’s already come back before, so I know she’ll be around soon.”

Clara 2018

The movie industry has also approached this topic when A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron was made into a tear-jerker movie of the same name. The movie details a dog returning from the Rainbow Bridge through several lifetimes who eventually ended up with his first human. (sorry for the spoiler).

Do our cats come back after crossing over? While I can’t answer the “why,” I do answer coming back to be with a former loving owner does happen and it happens a lot.

Take a look at the photos I’ve posted of Peeper and Clarabelle. Peeper was my cat between 1986 and 1995. She was my mother’s favorite cat. Mama was always afraid Peeper would trip her up since she had the endearing quality of wrapping herself around the ankles. If I do take a fall in the future I feel sure Clarabelle will be to blame.

Peeper with Fluffy 1986

Peeper was named after the sound she made instead of meowing. She would say PEE-per. She was quite intelligent and it’s possible the life Peeper had with me in the 20th century wasn’t her first and her time back with me may not be her last.

The photo of Peeper was made in the 1990’s. As a kitten Peeper was a skinny cat. She gained weight over time. The clipped ear happened when she was around seven years old.


Clara was close to starvation when we saved her. She has gained to a healthy weight and will likely be identical to Peeper as she ‘fills out.’ She was spayed in September.

In addition to cat lovers believing their cats have been reincarnated (for lack of a better word), many are convinced their pet returns in spirit rather than physical form. They hear the tapping of a paw against the tile or the brush of whiskers across the face. Click here for an article on that topic.

Please share your stories of your pet coming back into your life in any form following their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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2 Responses

  1. FRANCES A DANNA says:

    Peeper and Clarabelle both have the same look of wisdom in their eyes. I definitely believe in animal reincarnation, just as I believe in humans returning. It makes sense that souls will return to our world as they learn new lessons on their journey. ☮️☯️???

  2. Elisa Black-Taylor says:

    Please share from this article using the social media buttons so I can monitor whether the article is a success.

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