Discussion: So….who do you turn to for help in your community to save a cat ‘stuck’ in a dangerous place?

We’ve all read horror stories about cats trapped in places where they’re unable to get out of without assistance. Personally, I’ve read posts by ladies practically begging on Facebook for somebody, ANYBODY to help save a cat who has gotten itself into a bad (and most often dangerous) situation. So….who do you turn to for help in your community to save a cat up a tree or a cat down a storm drain?

Ginger cat in tree
Ginger cat in tree
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The answer is…it depends on where you live as well as who you know. A lot of people wait several days before seeking help. Many cats (most, in fact) can climb a tall tree but are unable to get back down. I read about more cat-stuck-in-tree situations than any other.

Storm drains are also high on the list because there’s a risk the drain will flood. A cat with its head or body tightly stuck ANYWHERE will definitely need help and will need it fast.

I usually suggest for the distressed cat owner to contact their local fire department or police or even animal control. The problem arises when all three say rescuing cats isn’t part of their job description. There is a cat registry available online for the U.S. and other countries. Whether it’s up-to-date I have no idea.

Sometimes your best bet will be in contacting a roofing company or a tree cutting service. They may charge or they may not, but it’s an option you may have to use. If you attend a regular church you may want to give clergy a call and ask if any members would be well-suited to rescue a cat.

This is another case where you may want to be involved in local government to the extent you can call on a council member for help. Contribute to your local fire department and attend a few of their fundraisers. It’s not always what you know but who you know that can provide assistance by at least making a few phone calls.

I’ve covered a lot of cat-up-a-tree situations that can be found here. PoC is filled with articles of cats losing one of their ‘nine lives’ by being stuck up a tree, behind a wall, in a storm drain, under a floor or in a ‘grate’ of one kind or another. Police, firemen, animal control officers, veterinarians, Good Samaritans and plumbers have all ended up in a PoC story.

Readers, do any of you have a cat rescue story? Who finally stepped up to save a cat in distress? Please use the comment section below to share your cat tale.


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