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Discussion: The ‘vacuum effect’ and new cats replacing a removed colony of ferals — 4 Comments

  1. The reason a colony inhabits a location is because it’s “desirable” for one reason or another. Therefore, to remove a colony from a desirable location leaves room for a new colony to take over that piece of prime real estate.

  2. The Vacuum-Effect really does exist. This short article discusses it. So many have thought it was a myth until they found more cats had replaced the original ones. Best to trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) – its humane, effective and cost-efficient.

    Beth, president
    Community Cats United, Inc

  3. I started feeding/TNR 3 years ago, for a colony of 18 cats. I’ve fostered and adopted many of them out, yet I still have 18 cats. However, only 3 are “original”. No matter how many i find homes for, I always have 18 cats!

    • I’m surprised that many have been allowed to join the colony. I’ve watched neutered male cats run off strays who show up. It may take a few weeks for the newbie to get the message and not come back. Your colony must really love you Cindy 🙂

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