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Discussion: Who’s to ‘blame’ for the 29 cats killed by 2 dogs at Dothan animal shelter? — 6 Comments

  1. Being a cat lover and a dog lover I was so upset about this situation because it’s just wrong on so many levels! I dearly hate what happened to the cats and how they suffered and I hate that they put the dogs down for being dogs, how many people would lose their beloved pet if they got rid of every dog that didn’t kike cat’s? I blame the whole mess on the irresponsibility of the staff.. The whole set up of the Dothan Animal Shelter needs to be better planned than what it is..

  2. Even idiots know to keep strange animals separated/ the director needs to step down. Dogs!!! where can they go. ?Will other animals and children be safe ? . Shame on this whole state county all. Bullshit.

  3. I just read it but this is my opinion. The dogs should not have been able to get out of their enclosures. The cats should not have been housed where those two dogs could get to them. The dogs need to be euthanized as they couldn’t be trusted not to kill anything. Unfortunately, this is the sad truth, in my opinion.

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