Discussion: Will your cats be euthanized when you die so you can be buried together?

Note from Elisa: This article was originally posted July 2, 2017. Since the stresses of being a veterinarian article had so much response from veterinarians, I wanted to publish it so it can be considered as one issue veterinarians may face, as many cat owners plan to have their cats euthanized at the time of their death so they can be buried together.

Take a look at this sweet face. This beautiful cat, up for adoption in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, sparked some thought-provoking comments several days ago when cat rescuer Daren Watson posted this sweetheart on Facebook. (Since this is an old post this cat most likely has gone to a forever home so this article doesn’t need sharing for that reason)

Myrtle Beach cat was the inspiration for this article
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Daren put out the plea for a forever home June 28 saying

“People you need to put in writing and in your will exactly what you want doing with your pets when you die. Do not trust your family to do the right thing. This four-year-old declawed and spayed female is now on death row. The owner’s children cannot be bothered with the thing their mother loved the most they are too busy Scavenging the house to take care of her cat. Don’t let this be a death sentence for this poor cat period if you know anyone looking for a declawed cat here she is I will get her out if you can commit to her. Myrtle Beach South Carolina area 843 455 6199.”

The post started a conversation on what cat owners have planned for their cats when the owner dies. Some have plans put in place to care for their cats. But many, many owners plan to have their cats euthanized (killed) so they can have the ashes buried with them. Those being cremated want the ashes mixed before scattering and one cat owner wants the mingled ashes to be used in the planting of a tree.

The argument is the cat could face a fate worse than death when the owner passes away. There are worse things than a cat being put down for this type of thing, especially if the owner has no one they can trust to carry out their final wishes.

The thought of a beloved cat being taken to a shelter or being kicked out by a family member who just doesn’t want to honor what the person wanted for their cat, should the inevitable happen, is just too much to bear.

I’m going to end this article here and let the discussion begin. Do you agree with this logic? Please sound off in the comments.

Anyone who wishes to adopt this beautiful cat in the article photo should contact Daren. She pulled this poor girl from a high-kill Myrtle Beach shelter and a new home is needed.


I apologize for using the term “killed” but euthanasia is putting a cat out of it’s misery for health issues. These cats may still be healthy when they join their owner in death.

29 thoughts on “Discussion: Will your cats be euthanized when you die so you can be buried together?”

  1. My will states that when I die, my cat Mitzy will be euthanized. My only family is two sons. One wouldn’t take my cat, and the other already has a cat, who’s very aggressive. All of my few friends already have cats, or don’t want them due to allergies.

    Mitzy was deemed “unadoptable”, and scheduled for euthanasia 8 years ago. She was a semi-feral, and very fearful of people. In spite of living with a woman who had a cat hating dog, I stepped up to adopt Mitzy from the shelter I worked at, a day before she was scheduled to be killed.

    I kept her in my room, and away from the dog, with a baby gate, and then trained her to a halter and leash.

    She’s still very fearful of most people. I would rather see her dead than suffer in a shelter, only to be labeled “unadoptable” once again.

    I’m a caring, unselfish cat advocate, who stands by my belief that death isn’t the worst fate for any of us, and the reason many people would like to be able to choose it for themselves, rather than suffer needlessly.

    My choice will protect Mitzy from unnecessary suffering.

  2. I have NO ONE who would take and look after my ten cats when I die. I will die alone, with no one trusted to care for them. They would likely wind up being tossed out or taken to a shelter. Three of my boys are special needs. God forbid that my 19 year old outlives me, as no one can do what I do for her, they wouldn’t know how. I have no money to leave behind for their care. Two family who give a crap, one of which is my 80 year old Mom, and she would not take any, it’s too much for her. The other is a cousin with health issues and pets of his own, his family can’t take on mine. I wouldn’t even know who might help find them homes. I have thought about this topic at length and need to make a will. I plan on my own body being cremated, and all my pets that have gone before me have been cremated. I want them with me. I am not sure what is right. I know that someone discarding them or dumping them to die at a shelter is not what I want. I’d rather take them with me than see that happen. And don’t even think to tell me I’m wrong,l you aren’t me and you aren’t in my situation so you have no room to judge.

    • Kylie, our situations are similar, and I support your decision
      to euthanize as a means to spare your cats from needless suffering.


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