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Discussion: Your thoughts on a Facebook post about flooding prediction in Houston that was dismissed as ‘fake news’ — 4 Comments

  1. Mayor Turner needs impeached and hung at the ole hanging tree. I heard he deliberately did not evacuate as to make a more difficult situation for Trump to deal with , it was mentioned one of the news networks, he denied of course , knowing they are sitting on 20 SUPERFUND SITES , knowing 2 dams / levees built in the 40’s were 2 of the top 6 classified as the worst in the nation were ready to breach before a hurricane, knowing when they lost power { hurricanes always create loss of power} , the tremendous amount of toxic chemical companies residing in Houston and surrounding coastal towns will release catastrophic amounts of deadly toxic releases both air and water, knowing the clay soil would not allow drainage causing catastrophic flooding , knowing good and well there was plenty of time to evacuate, we do it here in fl all the time, evacuate the islands first then lg cities after and traffic flows fine.It seems Turner took it upon himself to enact his version of population control. Turner has blood on his hands.Impeach and prosecute Mayor Turner ASAP.

  2. Interesting story. A example of fake news created with supposedly good intentions but which might and probably did backfire. To deliberately understate the dangers is to endanger the lives of people and their pets.

    I would always tell the truth. Give a full unvarnished warning and tell people how to deal with it and trust people to be sensible. That is the only way for me.

    • I don’t believe it was ever fake news. Attorneys are usually friends with politicians and I believe her when she said one of the attorneys she works for got the news and she sincerely wanted to warn her friends in the Houston area and made the post knowing it would be shared on social media.

  3. BTW, God bless you, Rebecca, for your courage to post the warning. I would really be surprised if there aren’t a lot of lawsuits against the city of Houston.

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