Disneyland’s Feral Cats

Disneyland’s Feral Cats

by Robyn
(Riverside, California)

Disney's California Adventure - Photo by Express Monorail (Flickr)

Disney's California Adventure - Photo by Express Monorail (Flickr)

From the Riverside Press-Enterprise, May 12, 2010:

The following quotes are from my local paper in an article concerning maintenance at Disneyland:

"Park workers have also found a resourceful way to remove other unwanted guests--rodents.

"Years ago--no one seems to know when--feral cats began to sneak into the park, living among the park's trees and shrubs during the day. At night, they venture out, and an estimated 200 cats now prowl through Disneyland and neighboring California Adventure Park.

"But instead of evicting the cats, Disneyland's animal wranglers work to control the feline population by spaying and neutering the adult cts and finding homes for all kittens born in the resort. The cats eat at five permanent feeding stations installed throughout the two parks.

"'We are not trying to get rid of them,' said Gina Mayaberry, manager of Disneyland's Circle D ranch, where the park's animals are housed. 'They keep the rodent population down.'"

Kudos to Disneyland for humanely caring for their feral felines.


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Disneyland's Feral Cats

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Jul 02, 2010 Do they really care??
by: Disney Cat Fan

Our family sees the same cat at disneyland every time we visit, this is the second time we have seen this sweet cat with kittens, so this visit we asked if we could adopt a kitten when they were ready, ect, well, the kittens were only born end of May and only 4 weeks old, the disney staffer called our room and said they removed the kittens to "give shots and spay ect,"....I am concerned as to why they would take the 4 tiny four week old kittens and leave the mother there, heartbroken, crying, yes crying and looking for her kittens....how do the kittens survive without their mothers milk, could they not have kept them with their mother cat till 6-8 weeks when they would be ready to part??I hope they reunite these tiny kittens with their Mom soon, they were not feral, this is a friendly cat as well at the kittens, most likley a house cat who wondered onto Disney property and like most who like Disneyland did not want to leave. Hopefully we will see this sweet callico kitty reunited with here baby kittens till they are ready for a home 🙂

May 16, 2010 TNR works
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

This policy of course gives Disneyland some good publicity - and it is well deserved.
Furthermore it proves that TNR (trap-neuter-return) really works in keeping rodent population down while at the same time controlling the number of cats. And it's probably the cheapest way of adressing both issues as well.
At any rate Disneyland wins a lot of credit with me for taking this step. A whole new feeling, actually... 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

May 13, 2010 Positive
by: Michael

This is the kind of positive thinking I like to see in relation to feral cats. The cats help and the people support. It seems to work and is far better than simply killing them, which many people would prefer to do.

Thanks sharing Robyn.

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Disneyland’s Feral Cats — 2 Comments

  1. I just recently heard of this operation. It’s good to know that the cast members take very much care of the felines with vet care and food.

    • Hi Elizabeth. I agree. It is really nice to know that the cast care. This is good business truth be told (I am being a bit cynical now). When businesses are cruel to feral cats the public don’t like it. That said I am sure the cast are genuine in their caring. Thanks for commenting.

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