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Disposable cat litter boxes? Never thought about them until I decided to write about them. Now I see the advantages and convenience of this product. But I am not sure about it from an environmental point of view and shouldn’t we have a regard for the environment when we purchase or do anything. The manufacturers of Kitty’s Wonderbox have addressed this sensitive issue on their home page so you can see how important it is to them. Their litter box is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable. But it still has to be thrown away into a hole in the ground and how long does it take to degrade?

You can see how the idea of throwing away a litter box regularly is an obstacle to purchasing it for people who are conscious of the environmental issues.

The reviews on PETCO.com for the Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Cat Litter Box are impressive with a 98% recommendation level from 58 reviews (at 1st June 2011). On Amazon.com (this is a USA product) it gets a similar rating: 4.5 out of 5 (45 reviews for the Kitty’s WonderBox, 3-Pack – see below).

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It seems that the disposable cat litter box is usually used as a liner for a plastic litter box. If used with a highly absorbent litter the disposable box will last for several weeks and more.

One reviewer just throws the litter and box away. He obviously discards them every couple of days it seems.

The benefits are mostly felt in multi-cat households. In households where there are 5 or more cats there will be five or more litter boxes and lots of litter box cleaning to do on a regular basis. To be able to throw away the litter box liner and wipe over the plastic box underneath must be a relief.

One customer said that he used regular litter and the urine quickly seeped into the paper disposable box rendering it useless quite quickly because of the odor. My gut feel is that a good wood based litter is the preferred choice for this litter box.

The disposable litter box is also meant to absorb odors better. I see the sense in that. Urine will seep into it and be absorbed and the odor neutralized. But as the owner above says it depends on the amount of urine that is seeping through the cat litter into the fabric of the tray.

Conclusion? I can see the attraction. The resistance I have is the waste; more throw away materials. And it must work out more expensive to do things this way. Convenience comes at a price.

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