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Disturbed People Start By Killing Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you for doing this to keep people up to date on this awful person, I have a cat and a dog but I fear more for anyone crossing her path, especially children. I realize she has many conditions to her release but none the less I personally get the creeps just knowing she`s out there. It`s a sad society we live in when basically she has to hurt another person or animal before they deem her unfit to live with the rest of us.

  2. First animal is always the cat. It just is. Because they don’t make loud noises like dogs its easier I think. I think she should be locked up forever. I dont think she deserves any kind of forgiveness because she tells people she likes it. I guess something bad will have to happen again – lets hope its not a cat this time is all I can say. What a total nut job she must be.

    • I think you are correct Elisa. And the first animal to come to hand is often the cat or even better still, a kitten. Kittens won’t run away. They are a living creature that is right there, to hand. And a person who has a desire to hurt another living creature will feel pretty confident that they will get away with killing a cat because the enforcement of cat abuse, cruelty and killing is very poor. This is partly because millions of cats are legally killed anyway every year in so called shelters. I am back to the argument I made in another post that excess cats and mass euthanasia devalues the cat and in doing that we encourage animal abuse and killing.

  3. I have read that notorious serial killers such as Albert Desalvo(the “Boston Strangler”) and Jeffrey Dahmer initially aimed their violent inclinations towards animals, which included neighborhood pets, during their youth. It is very incomprehensible to think that there are people who are capable of such gruesomeness and what is more disturbing is fact that such acts were actually performed by children. I am glad that you posted this article, it is a reminder that we should take extra vigilance when it comes to our animals.

    • It’s about the fact that the cat is all around us and many wander outside. This allows free access to a disturbed person to hurt a cat if they want to hurt a living creature and many do it seems. It is the availability of the domestic and stray cat that makes them vulnerable as well as the fact that a lot don’t run away when approached by a person.

  4. This case reminds me of a “good ole boy” case in the states about a decade ago. A well known member of the community was stopped while driving and a sobriety test showed the man was drunk. Somehow he was let go and minutes later involved in an accident resulting in death. The family of the victim sued the town for allowing the man to drive away instead of being arrested for DUI. The family won.

    I wonder when this young woman kills someone whether that family can sue the town for releasing what they knew was a dangerous person.

  5. So glad you did this article Elisa…its horrific. I read and shared it myself the other day. It’s only time an she WILL kill another animal an then go onto a human….just like the Kitten Killer!!!!!

      • I’ve read studies of twins separated at birth and raised by different families often have similar personalities. A lot of people think most of this is passed down through DNA rather than by environment. They’re simply born mean with children as young as 3 showing episodes of violence towards animals.

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