Disturbing Cat Stories

I would like to comment on two disturbing cat stories. They happen to come from the United States because that is where most internet news/information in the English language comes from. One is in the news and therefore public information but no one has commented on it. While the other is less public in that few people have seen it but it is on the internet.

Perfect People Kill Cats

I say perfect people. That is a bit if an exaggeration but it makes the point that people who have no criminal record, who are decent law abiding citizens of the United States can decide to go and shoot at cats with a .22 rifle for the fun of it. Not one cat, although that would be bad enough, but up to 100 cats. They admit it. Up to 50 were killed or injured. We don’t know the number.

The fact that three teenagers decided to go around in an SUV and take pot shots at cats is not that surprising. What is surprising is that in their latest court appearance where they were looking to reduce their sentence (having been convicted of animal creulty) it was revealed that the reason why these three teenagers were not tried as adults is because:

  • they were model students
  • they were hard working and had
  • never been in trouble before.

This was used in mitigation at the original sentencing hearing.

The detail does not matter. It is the clash of information that shocks a bit. On the one hand we have three American male teenagers two of whom were the main protagonists aged 16 and 17, who had lead decent lives we are told. On the other hand we have casual animal cruelty of the worse kind. And as usual it is the domestic cat that is the victim. Two dogs were also shot at but cats were by far the major victims.

Does this tell us that shooting at cats is considered acceptable in mainstream, middle class society in the United States? Is shooting at cats as normal as having breakfast or going for a drive to the shops? It almost seems that way.

The story is dull and normal. The same as the cat killings. For me this case steps out of the ordinary because it seems to say something about the relationship between the cat and the person in America. Is the main reason why cats are kept inside all the time to stop some crazy, normal teenager shooting at him or her?

Satanic Possession and Cat Sacrifice

This is a story written by the perpetrator of cat cruelty himself. He says he has become a pastor, a man of God. At one time he says he was possessed by the devil. Between these two extremes he killed animals for the pleasure of it and sacrificed a cat by strangling it and cutting it up.

His wife walked out on him about 11 years ago. I am not surprised because he sounds as if he suffers from mental illness but nonetheless lived a mainstream, somewhat normal life. He had two children, went to work and had a home to go to.

One day he came home from night shift. He entered his home. His wife came to him and told him he was leaving. She left with the children and was immediately picked up by her brother.

His previous dark experiences of killing animals as a young person surfaced and he started reading books on the occult. His demons demanded a sacrifice. He cut himself and drank his blood mixed with his urine and wine.

He picked up a boy and the pair went out to find a cat to sacrifice. They found a friendly cat that they could approach. They took it to a Pentecostal church where he strangled the cat and cut it. He used the blood to write satanic slogans on the walls of the church.

He was caught and incarcerated in a mental institution. He eventually recovered and met his new wife in a Methodist church. He found God. But on the way he had sacrificed an innocent cat.

For me the important bit of this story is that the first animal to cross his mind to sacrifice was a cat.

This is probably a throwback to the ancient Egyptians who as you know sacrificed cats (kittens actually) by the thousands to the god Bastet.

I think we are still burdened by the legacy of those early days of domestication. I hate the almost automatic connection between the cat and human violence. It has to stop.

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  1. I think that previous comment made it sound like a lot of people in my church are carrying weapons. It’s just a few people, but the decision was made that those few who take the time to become trained and licensed to conceal carry keep us all safer. The church is in a poor area, which I think makes us safer. Ever notice that many, many of these shootings take place in wealthy areas and the shooters are well off? I taught in the inner city and I never was afraid at school that we’d have a student bring a gun to school. They were good kids, but they were very poor, many having come from third works countries, some fleeing for their lives to come here. My biggest problems were talking during class and not turning in homework. Based on this experience I reject the notion that poverty causes people to commit crimes. The truly evil among us often are the ones that have had every advantage, but turn to evil (such as Satanism) by their own free choice.

  2. By the way, I’m glad members of my church took the classes and got licensed for conceal carry. We discussed posting a sign banning weapons in church and decided on the opposite. Had the Sihk temple shooter targeted our church, our members would not have had to try to fight him off with a butter knife, as a very brave man who lost his life attempted to do in Oak Creek. He was the father of a friend of my sister. I know you don’t like guns. Neither do I. But the reality is, if some nut job attacks my church, I guarantee the death toll will be lower than in any other attack on a church with a gun. Oak Creek was the latest, but there have been other attacks on churches. The gun man targets the place where he suspects to encounter the least resistance.
    Lt. Murphy, the officer wounded in the Sihk temple shooting, is out of the hospital and spoke at a benefit honoring him on Sunday. My husband and I dove by, but we had groceries in the car, so we coukdn’t stay. I didn’t know about it ahead if time or we would have gone. It turns out Murphy was shot 15 times, but three were stopped by his vest. He has had a lot of support from the community as have the members of the Sihk temple. Some good is coming out of the evil, because people of different races and faiths are coming together in love.


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