Disturbing image of many cats scrambling to escape a large snake in an enclosure?

This screenshot of a TikTok video is said by a visitor to this website to show a large number of domestic cats trying to run from a large snake in their enclosure. That’s all we know. I’ve tried to find the video without success. We know the name of the TiKTok user as it is embedded into the video (bottom-left of the screenshot). It is ‘love funny-pet’. The username is incongruous because of the nature of the video. But there is no such video on this user’s channel as far as I can tell.

These cats are said to be avoiding a large snake in their enclosure

These cats are said to be avoiding a large snake in their enclosure. Image: a commenter to PoC.

If the cats were not running from a snake, what were they running from? It appears to me that they are terrified and desperate to escape a threat of some sort. This supports the suggestion that there was a large snake in the enclosure out of view.

That being agreed, what the hell is going on? Why are there so many cats in an enclosure? And why is there a snake among them? The image was uploaded in a comment on the ‘Using cats as snake food‘ page. Are these cats really snake food? It seems a bizarre way to do this.

On my understanding of this obnoxious practice, kittens are sometimes fed to pet snakes which requires a kitten being placed in a snake enclosure. An entirely different arrangement but equally horrifying.

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On that topic by the way, one person on the Reddit.com website asked: “Is it illegal to feed a kitten to my pet snake?” You can imagine the responses. Who would have the temerity to ask that question in the first place? The person is sick. Of course, it is illegal in any country with decent animal welfare laws. Sadly, many countries don’t have decent animal welfare laws (e.g., China) and some that do don’t enforce them properly (e.g., Mexico).

To return to the image on this page. When that many cats scramble up netting, all bunched together, something bad is happening inside the enclosure. Or something great is happening outside of it. In short, they are highly motivated. What is motivating them?

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  1. Tamara Beinlich says:

    OMG The poor kitties appear very thin. Glad you didn’t post the link or I might go over there and raise holy hell on the poster! People will find this monster!

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