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Disturbing images of pets transported from Florida to SC after Hurricane Irma — 17 Comments

  1. I just got the updated email from the shelter. 14 cats and 13 dogs are currently in the care of the shelter. I was under the impression they all had a plan to go up north. Of the 14 cats, 7 have upper respiratory infections already. Fees are waived for rescue groups to pull them. I just got the email on the transported animals brought to Greenville County Animal Care, a kill shelter in SC by Charleston Animal Society. This album shows 14 cats and 13 dogs. SEVEN of the cats already have an upper respiratory infection. Fees waived for rescue groups who save these cats and dogs. I thought they all had rescue plans to go up north. It worries me if these are being housed at the Greenville shelter. PLEASE RESCUE OR ADOPT! https://www.facebook.com/pg/gcpetrescue/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1438817652863159

  2. I’ve updated the article with the explanation of the crates so please reshare. Many are wondering about the crates and this will ease their mind.

  3. These poor babies are already scared from owners not wanting them, then drop at shelter for no reason other than owners being horrible people. Then put in vari kennels only to be thrown around like garage. They probably couldn’t hardly breath. Everyone involved with this needs to be arrested and charged. There is no excuse for this other than being lazy and not carry about animals. I would love to meet the person who did this. Remember all you horrible people karma will find you. When she does then you can think of these poor animals.

  4. It’s most likely a volunteer who’s heart was in the right place but wasn’t smart enough to secure the crates or check on their passengers during the trip. I’m more disturbed at how misleading the author is and having wasted my time reading an article based on her uneducated opinion.

    The shelter used an empty warehouse in Duncan to help with housing the animals so it was no where near capacity. They also closed for the weekend while these animals were brought in and brought out. Which means most probably didn’t leave their crates except for cleanings. They were already evaluated before traveling so most were probably already vetted and spoken for by shelters and rescues up North.
    If people would leave the drama out of rescue, then more could be done for the shelter animals.

    • The titled described the photos. The photos were disturbing. I’m sorry you feel you wasted your time Tina. People are very sensitive anytime animals are transferred to a kill shelter. Especially when local shelter dogs lost their lives during the Charleston/Columbia flood awhile back to make space for incoming refugees.

      • Thank you for updating the article Elisa! I worked for a paid transport for two years, and I’ve worked with both Greenville and Spartanburg shelters along with several others in neighboring states, transporting thousands of dogs to rescues up North. I know how hard some of the Rescue Coordinators work to get dogs into rescue and to meet transport. And I also know how much drama comes with rescue. I found that your article was adding fuel to the drama.
        I’ve seen your article posted and shared numerous times. Out of hundreds of replies, angered rescue workers and animal advocates are posting their outrage and/or wanting to know who the transporter was. Not one reply asking if help is needed or how they can help. 100s of keyboard warriors, and not one of them stepping up to help the shelters.
        The sad reality, even after the hurricanes are gone, the shelters are still going to be overcrowded and animals are still going to die because their time is up And nobody stepped up to help them. And this article will still remain causing outrage, bad mouthing a shelter that at least tried. Greenville is a strict shelter, but some do make it out into rescue.

        • Yes, Greenville does a lot to help the animals but I don’t approve of their TNR program concerning kittens being spayed at 2 pounds then dropped off near busy places a day or two after surgery. And yes I worry about some of the animals being put down to make space for 140 new ones. I’ve kept Pinterest boards since 2014 and keep up with the animals that aren’t adopted/rescued. A lot of HW positive dogs “disappear.” We know what that means.

          Don’t worry about this article. People will have forgotten about it in a few days.

  5. Well, it’s amazing how much beating animals can take and still keep on ticking, but I can’t stop thinking about how many thousands of them drowned or worse in the hurricanes. I don’t know why anyone even wants to live in the south. I considered it for green countrysides and quaint architecture, but now I never will. The poor animals have no choice.

  6. The transporters that did this must be placed in a box truck and shipped in max post-hurricane heat & humidity for a minimum of 5.5 hrs. I wonder how many of these babes died on the trip?

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