Disturbing: Man Charged with Killing Cats has Massive Social Media Following

He has 155,000 Twitter followers and over 8,000 on Instagram. He spontaneously said to the police that he is not into “zoosadism”. This was an unsolicited remark. He was not being interrogated. The word “zoosadism” must be a reference to sadistic acts of violence against animals.

Artist who was into sadism against animals especially domestic cats

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The police visited his apartment because of reports that a cat was making unnerving sounds that indicated that he/she was fighting for her life (it seems that she was – see below). This occurred on several occasions.

The man is Jalan Isaac Greer. When he let the police into his apartment he said that the cat was fine but the police saw a dead cat on the floor! What the hell was going on? The cat had blood coming from her mouth and ears. It seems that the police left it at that but then spoke to him again later on 21st Jan. It was then that Greer made the remark about zoosadism.

Apparently people had been giving Greer cats. Was he asking for them? A further complaint concerned two other instances of possible cat killing by Greer.

Subsequently Greer admitted to:

  1. Shaking and squeezing a cat too hard (this appears to be the cat who had blood coming out of his ears)
  2. One cat was electrocuted because his paw got stuck in an electrical socket!
  3. The third cat died because a towel rail fell on him!

Please Mr Greer don’t expect people like me to believe you. I would allege that he is indeed into zoosadism but of course I don’t want to jeopadise a fair trial.

Greer was arrested and is on bail to appear before court in due course. I don’t have the details but he must have been charged with animal cruelty under Minnesota state legislation. He lives in Moorehead.

Greer is said to be a multitalented artist. Even talented people can be animal abusers and cat killers (allegedly).

I don’t like the fact that he was followed by so many people on social media. It goes to show that we don’t really know who we are following online. There is a lot of pretence online.

People who use social media a lot are more likely to feel lonely and isolated. People who visited the most popular social media sites 58 or more times per week are three times more at risk of isolation than those visiting fewer than nine times a week (a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine).

Source: Moorhead man charged with killing cats has massive social media…

6 thoughts on “Disturbing: Man Charged with Killing Cats has Massive Social Media Following”

  1. I wish him to be electrocuted, squeezed in a vice (especially testicles), and have a slab of cement fall on him all at once.

  2. His is an admission of guilt, like when A.G. Jeff Sessions proffered that he did not meet with the Russians though was not asked that question.

  3. Better yet why hasn’t his FB and other social media bee shut down. Unless they’re looking for more of the same.


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