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Disturbing photos of allegedly neglected feral cats at Marion County shelter are going viral on social media — 17 Comments

  1. Love the classy husbandry.

    Southern states of America! Sort out your primitive attitudes to the welfare of other species, you have a reputation, not far behind the repulsive butchers of Yulin Festival in China. I have seen so many of these horror stories originating from the South.

    Yes, before anyone bites me, I do understand how the history of the country has led to depravity and deprivation. We are nearly a fifth into the 21st century, the attitudes of those who neglect animals this way would be more fitting to the 12th century.

    Robert Rhino & aliases, you would be better suited to some basic education about wild life, domesticated animals and farmed animals than sitting in your Mum’s basement, pretending that your compassionless, dumb arse drivel impresses anyone reading it.

  2. Sounds like it would be best if all shelters around the world stopped taking in any cats completely, forever. If this is the kind of problems that cats cause for everyone.

      • I don’t disagree. All stray dogs (and cats) are shot to death where I live. No further problems for anyone. You pet-people are a constant and perpetual cause of problems for everyone else on the planet — human and native wildlife. Pet-ownership, and all people just like you, should be made illegal worldwide. You’re nothing but another useless and royal pain in the ass for every other living thing on earth.

        • I could easily say the same about some of the parents and their offspring in the surrounding area. To a large extent parenthood should be illegal. We’re not going extinct and the neglected offspring are filling our prisons where catch and release is pretty much the norm. The offspring re-offend until we lock them up forever. At least pets are adoptable. The biggest burden on wildlife is human encroachment.
          If the shelter could NOT move these cats they should have been humanely destroyed before the storm. What’s going on there is criminal.

          • Yes, human encroachment on wildlife is the biggest problem, and by far, the biggest problem of all are those humans who encroach on native wildlife habitat with their cats — destroying 1,000 times more animals than humans who encroach but don’t promote the existence of cats. Apparently you missed the thread where this was already proved and discussed. Here’s one chart from that discussion at pictures-of-cats.org/cats-without-microchips-to-be-culled-by-auckland-city-council.html

        • GaillenT, how do you feel about farmers? They generally have a devastating effect on ALL wildlife. Or don’t they count because they provide you with a never ending supply of rancid, dead animal flesh in the grease filled burgers that you likely fill your gaping, ranting maw with 24hrs a day?

  3. I really wish someone would tell me this is a big mistake and the cats are safe but the shelter hasn’t even posted on their Facebook page in more than a week. I do realize that area has been impacted by Hurricane Florence.

    • Clearly the conditions you see couldn’t have developed since the advent of the current hurricane. This is long-term neglect, and it’s typical of “no-kill” shelters, and of the utter (and horrific) lack of work ethic characteristic of no-kill advocates, “cat-rescue” extremists and TNR charlatans. They are merely state-sponsored cat-hoarders. It’s about their own egos and money–it’s never about the animals themselves–they’re disposable.

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