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Disturbing sinister threatening note and a black cat bound by cable ties — 6 Comments

  1. And yet cat guardians continue to let them out to roam. The person who did this is a jerk and needs to found and prosecuted but I’m not impressed with the guardian at this point either. The cat suffered because BOTH of them are at fault.

    • I would be both furious and fearful if this happened. Even for those of us that are meticulous cat guardians, in rare circumstances cats do get outside occasionally.😱😠😰

        • We should not tolerate a world where our beloved companions must be confined under threat of death, torture or other abuse.

          Of course some australians are being mass groomed as cat haters/hurters by the government spewing out misinformation about the effect on wildlife caused by domestic cats.

          Do no australians give a toss about the destruction of wildlife due to intensive farming? Do any give a care as to the myriad welfare abuses carried out as standard against mammals/birds farmed as ‘livestock’? Seems not.

          I believe the hatred of cats comes from deeper problems in whatever is left of human society.

          Just as telling people off for being overweight has little effect other than to serve as a humiliating punishment, telling people it is their fault their cat got tortured, used as bait, attacked, stolen et al, serves little purpose in preventing harm to cats.

          We need fundamental change in human society that is not founded on lazy bullying, admonishments etc, we have to look deeper and work at a more intelligent level, than going belly up like dumb cowards and accepting that abuse of cats is just something that happens and if your cat gets out and harmed you deserve the pain.

          Humans do not like looking at themselves or their behaviour, no matter how terrible the visible consequences of what they do.

          • I agree a lost pet shouldn’t be a target. Neither should the animals who have lousy guardians that think it’s OK to open the door and let them roam at will.
            Considering the number of stray and feral cats and the massive kitten season yet again and public shelters most likely mass killing little lives that were born simply because a human was too lazy to take advantage of the free or low cost spay/neuter options I’d say the lousy pet owners are winning the war.
            I live in fear of my cats getting out and either meeting a human monster or even chipped lost in a shelter that would take them to a room inject them and leave them alone to die on a cold steel table.
            It would appear that the owner of the cat featured was a regular door opener and therefore cannot stand innocent in the abuse their cat was subjected to.
            I want to live in a world where when someone sees a cat they think oh it must have gotten lose and we need to find the owner instead of look a cat lets chase, scare, kick and kill the lousy thing because I’m sick of them messing up my yard etc.
            I have no sympathy for anyone who willingly lets their house raised pets to roam the world alone. They have no sympathy from me when the worst happens my heart aches only for the animal that was in my opinion being abused though neglect.
            Lose, homeless, stray, feral, colony, community cats are in such abundance they are perfect targets for the demented should have been aborted that walk this earth.
            I agree if your heart doesn’t ache for the plight cats face there is something fundamentally just wrong with the person. If you can abuse an already battered and abused animal I have no doubt what you will do to humans given the chance.
            Pin me down and my biggest fear is for the ones that live in our home and share my life. They have never known a hard day but for Little Mercy in their lives. They would not know NOT to go to the human calling them over. To my Frog everyone is a new friend.
            When you open your door and intentionally let your pet out to roam at will you become part of the problem. Not the animal. YOU.

      • Francis, thank you for indicating that none of us who really care about our companions are perfect. Sometimes, they just do get out. Accidents do happen

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