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DIY cat neutering by neighbour is a crime if proved — 11 Comments

  1. It is correct that many cat caretakers are skilled at administering some treatments that used to be only done by vets, but at their initial instruction, supervision and oversight. Giving medications and keeping track of weight, temperature, regular teeth brushing, nail clipping, watching for symptoms of illness are common now, but some like myself change wound dressings, routinely administer sub-q fluids which most owners are still squeamish about. I still clear everything I do with my vet, as everyone should.

  2. Albert Schepis
    Albert Schepis Most cities in America have sensible, reasonable spay and neuter services. There’s a non-profit local one to me that only charges $35 for a feline neuter. This s.f.b. from Eden is a cruel cretin who if he had his cut off with a shive in jail wouldn’t illicit one tear from me. Spay and neuter is one of the first things you take care of when you take ownership of a cat. There’s no excuse not to, nor is there any excuse for anyone to take it into their hands to do it to another’s cat. A normal, civilized human being talks to their neighbor and offers help, like information, directions and a donation to get it done.

  3. Why are so many humans this cruel? Is it really ignorance, or hatred, or just grandiosity? It makes me sick knowing the pain and torment that Shna-Shna endured. I hope Hall is found guilty and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 😱😡😭

  4. Here’s to Thomas Hall going to prison, where with a little bit of ironic justice, some other convict will neuter him. Hope it happens overnight during lock-up, giving an infection time to develop or Hall to bleed out.

    What a barbaric, narcissistic moron he is.

    Such a terrible traumatic experience for poor
    Shna-Shna. He could have easily died from shock or blood loss. If his human had responsibly had Shna-Shna neutered by a veternarian, he wouldn’t have been through this obscene assault.

    But maybe the repellent Hall would have found some other way of abusing the cat.

    • As a male, I can’t imagine much else that would be worse than what he did to that poor cat. He does deserve the same fate in prison. Too bad it can only be done once.

      • There’s always the chance that the putrid Hall doesn’t have any of his own. That might have inspired his horrific act, as a form of jealous vengence.

        In the UK, it’s often said that animal abusers fair little better than child sex abusers in prison. Seeing how we have so much cruelty here, I’m not sure it is true. I’d hope it is.

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