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DNA Testing of Cats — 6 Comments

  1. This graph issued by L Lyons’ successor R Khan shows more clearly the 12 different regional groupings of cats. L Lyons has still not caught up with the E Mediterranean Anatolian identification of Turkish cats and as a matter of fact has no classification at all of genuine Turkish cats. Samples from Turkey were obfuscated as the Cyprus Group so as to hide the uncomfortable truth that American pedigree Turkish breeds do not corroborate with samples from Turkey. And she thinks she can identify a cat’s breed, . She should have her own TV comedy show.

  2. Several people I know have trued to contact UC Davis to do a breed test but were never able to get a satisfactory reply. Reading up through their many Online postings I saw the remark that they are researchers not breed identifiers. I don’t think their work has any validity since we know in the case of Turkish breeds their gold standard is the out-crossed American varieties which have no relationship to the originals. The other companies offering these services will undoubtedly provide even more hilarious results.

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