Do any British royals have cats?

Cats are not popular among the British royals but there is one who likes cats: Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent (Princess Michael of Kent). She is an animal lover but then again so was the Queen, but the Queen loved horses and dogs but not cats enough to adopt one or two. The picture below of Princess Michael of Kent was taken on her 70th birthday. The cat is a Siamese. She has Burmese cats as well. She has a number of horses and dogs. So, she has the means to provide high quality care and the time to devote to the tasks.

Note: I am not a royalist. I don’t really like the royals because they are too rich, but I have a deep appreciation of the late Queen’s contribution to the UK. Her passing has been a massive event in the UK. The biggest event that I have seen in fact.

Princess Michael of Kent with her pet Siamese cat
Princess Michael of Kent with her pet Siamese cat. Image: Hello Magazine.
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The royals in general are the hunting, fishing, shooting kind, being interested in countryside pursuits as they say. What that means is that they don’t see any problem with shooting birds for pleasure. But the Queen was spotless and perfect. Not quite. And this kind of upper crust toff is far more inclined to prefer dogs over cats as dogs are more functional and often involved is the said countryside activities.

The royals are also more likely to like horses as these too are used in foxhunting and so on. Cats just don’t feature in the lives of the royals unless you are an exception to this ‘rule’ and that exception is the Princess mentioned above.

The Princess is an author and authors are often cat lovers. The two go together: writing which is a pretty solitary activity and cats who like it when their owner stays put and can pays them a little bit of attention and allows them on their lap.

Queen Elizabeth II with Princess Michael of Kent
Queen Elizabeth II with Princess Michael of Kent. Image: Hello mag.

A little bit about Princess Michael of Kent

She was born Baroness-Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz on January 15, 1945. She is of German, Austrian, Czech and Hungarian descent. Her husband, Prince Michael of Kent is a grandson of George V and a first cousin of the former Elizabeth II.

She was an interior designer and became an author. She has written several books on European royalty. She also carries out lecture tours. She does not carry out royal duties, but she does attend the principal Royals sometimes in functions as I understand it.

She was born at the family estate of her Austrian maternal grandmother just before the defeat of Germany at the end of World War II. Her father was a Nazi party member and an SS cavalry officer during World War II.

As mentioned, she worked as an interior designer before she married Prince Michael. She was involved in an allegation of plagiarism concerning her first book Crowned in a Far Country: Portraits of Eight Royal Brides. The claim was settled out of court. She had the same problem with her second book Cupid and the King: Five Royal Paramours. However, it seems that the researcher for the Princess is to blame because she allegedly submitted notes without due attribution. In other words, the book did not provide sources and references for the information in the book. And the blame is being placed on the researcher. That is my interpretation.

In 2007-2011 the Princess served as President of Partridge Fine Art. This gallery in London’s new Bond Street went into administration with substantial multi-year losses.

Therefore, I think we conclude that she has had a chequered career in business which does not look great on her CV. I think her ambition outstrips her skills and talent.

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