Do bobcats make good pets? Do bobcats eat cats? Do bobcats live in UK? Do bobcats attack humans?

The title is, unusually, four questions. Another unusual aspect of this article is that it is extremely short because the answers which I have provided to the above questions are one word in each instance, as follows:

  1. Do bobcats make good pets? NO
  2. Do bobcats eat cats? NO (qualified – please click this link for more)
  3. Do bobcats live in UK? NO
  4. Do bobcats attack humans? NO

I want out a quick qualifier to the second question which asks whether bobcats eat cats (presumed to mean “domestic cats”). The question does not asked whether a bobcat can eat a domestic cat, it asked whether bobcats do eat domestic cats, hence the answer is No. A bobcat is capable of attacking and killing a domestic cat but they don’t or it is so rare as to be insignificant. Wrong? Tell me, please.

Rarely, there may be someone in America who has a bobcat as a pet. That does not mean that they make good pets. The truth is that no wild cat species no matter how well domesticated makes a good pet. Some wild cats make better pets than others but they never make as good a pet as a domestic cat.

Note: the questions are search terms thrown up by Google. People use these questions when seeking info.

7 thoughts on “Do bobcats make good pets? Do bobcats eat cats? Do bobcats live in UK? Do bobcats attack humans?”

  1. Met a lot of captive Bobcats, some raised in captivity, some rescued as tiny kits from the wild, none of them would I want to even pet let alone get cozy with in its cage or bring in my house. Wild Maine Bobcats grow up to 30 lbs according the Maine IF&W, and are capable of killing an adult deer. Even hand raised they are still not domesticated. Once they reach adolescence, they start to show their natural dominance and will react aggressively over food, toys and their owners. If they can kill a full grown deer they can kill your dog or your 5 year old child. Why would you want this for a house pet?

    • Well said Monica. I totally agree of course. I have met so called domesticated servals and they really are not pets in any shape or form. It is just madness to think these wild cats can be successful pets. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I think as you know me and know my stance on exotic and wild animals in captivity, you will understand why I stand behind that bobcats DO NOT make good pets. Humans have spend thousands of years domesticating dogs and cats and yet millions are put to death for being “unwanted”. For people to go out of their way to take animals from the wild, breed them in captivity, sell them and buy them for pets is depressing. A bobcat needs to be in the wild and not someone’s ego pet. If you truly love animals you do what is best for them, not what you want for yourself.

  3. This seems to be my lone column.
    Bobcats hunt edible prey for themselves or for their kittens.
    A cat, really, isn’t palatable to them. Humans, definitely, aren’t.
    Again, as a pet? Snatch a kitten, take home, and see what happens to you!

    • This was common to see many years ago. And they do make good pets if you obtain them when their eyes are still closed. But only for a while. Despite nurturing, neutering and a persons best effort a bobcat is a wild animal and those instincts are as built in as the a domestic dogs willingness to submit to even lousy human caretakers.
      Rescues are full of serval cat crosses that looked cool until they dismantled the house along with a few of the residents and the occasional household pet.
      Humans have a variety of loving domestic animals to choose from.

  4. My favorite cat of all time.
    They have no interest in humans unless messing with their young.
    Bobcats prey on small mammals like rabbits and squirrels. They don’t prey on cats, less of a competitor and not worth the fight.
    So sad that the UK have none of these beauties.
    As a pet? I have an abdomen and chest full of scars still from trying to bring a baby bobcat home 50 years ago, as a kid. Bobcats aren’t meant to be tamed.


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