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Do Cat Owners Feel Guilty When Their Companion Animal Has Been Abused? — 4 Comments

  1. One of the most intimate and supposedly trusting relationships we have with our pets and ourselves is the one with a veterinarian.
    I trusted mine and she blinded Kitten and is most likely , and I say this after almost 5 months of research, killed her. I don’t want to scare anyone and I’m not in that place anymore. It is the first time I truly considered ending my life to escape the pain of being the one who let this vet have access to her.

    • OMG, I have just read your comment and it is very painful to read. Very sorry to read your story. You are right though. Vets can be dangerous places for cats and we take them there. Dog parlours can also be places where animals are inadvertently or negligently killed. I do worry about veterinary care for, for example, teeth cleaning requiring anaesthetic.

      I hope you are able to recover from your grief.

  2. My brain just sort of goes numb thinking about this. So, I don’t know when or if any guilt would set in. Possibly, long after I’ve beaten someone’s brains in with a sledge hammer. Or, sitting in a cell contemplating my next move.

    • I fear losing my cat to abuse (or some other reason for injury etc.) as it would hurt me for the remainder of my life. I’d blame myself. So I try and protect against it. But none of us can totally eliminate all hazards.

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