Do cats eat less in summer?

Do cats eat less in summer? Yes, is the likely answer because cats lose less heat and therefore need less calories to maintain body temperature. For me that’s the short, simple answer provided the summer is warm or hot where you live. The more accurate question would be: do cats eat less in warm weather?

Cat in the sun
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The same must apply to all creatures maintaining a core body temperature that is usually above ambient temperatures.

There is nothing to worry about as it is normal to eat less in hot weather all things being equal. You’ll have to make sure that your cat is not suffering a loss of appetite for health reasons.

That’ll mean observing your cat for additional symptoms of illness and a loss of appetite is not the same as eating a bit less. A loss of appetite should be clearly noticeable and it is a classic general symptom of a cat feeling unwell. You’ll have to find out why.

P.S. It is incredibly hot is some places at the moment. The south of England is in the grip of a long period of hot, dry weather. It is the longest such period that I have experienced and I’m almost 70. My cat is eating less and he is doing less. I understand that southern Texas is going through a period when temperatures in Fahrenheit are over 100. Cats should be protected from the sun especially white cats in these conditions. The RSPCA in the UK advises all cats and dogs to remain indoors.

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