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  1. The process of fancying someone is only part of mating ritual/behaviour. Even for humans, we are just mammals who complicate, suppress and mostly control whom they mate with.

    I see no reason why cats may not fancy each other. In unmanaged feral colony gang rape scenarios, I see no reason that “fancying” should not happen.

    Fancy is the initial event in mating sequences, be that fancy caused by appearance, smell or personal characteristics of behaviour (personality)

    Same as humans, fancy is part of the biological.

    Cats can often be seen forming social groups. When I had free roaming cats, they would be part of a circle of chums who hung out together in the churchyard. Most of these cats were neutered and cared for by humans and had a home. Entire Toms would turn up now again, some owned, some not. Neutering skews our understanding of mating behaviour to our ad vantage, and the cats. Very few unneutered females would turn up.

    Humans are just mammals, they should be satisfied with that, no need to be constantly scrabbling to show superiority.

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