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Do cats get lost in storms? — 2 Comments

  1. Albert, sorry about the comment from Perkins. He is Woody a well known troll. I have deleted his comment. Many thanks again for your excellent comment. You did a great, caring job and so good that he came back.

  2. I’ve thought about this often, more so how they find their way at all. I lost my cat, Buddy when I was foolish enough once to take him for a ride to the store about a quarter mile away. He bolted out the door when I opened it, ran across a nearby boulevard and over a fence topped by barbed wire. That area was/is a Naval base and I could not gain entry to search for him. Nightly, I walked the distance from our home to the base along a bike path. I went to the area with a small ladder and called for him every night between midnight and 2 am. (Why I wasn’t arrested or even questioned I don’t know, esp as officers lived in the homes near that wall.). I even brought and lowered a humane trap to that side of the wall and only caught an opossum. Again, not arrested BION. I had the idea of balling up my dirty socks (scent) and dropping them along the route. After 3 weeks I heard him at our door. I was so happy and we were so much closer after that. I give him all the credit, as I suspect cats leave diminishing scent marks in concentric circles the farther they explore from home, so as they continue to wander or if they “get lost”, they make a mental note of increased number of markers, closer together) that they detect as they travel in the direction of home. I haven’t read this anywhere but I bet it’s true. Since then I’ve micro chipped all my cats and followed them around to see where they go, so I know what directions to call or look for them.

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