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Do cats get mad at you? — 4 Comments

  1. I partly agree. I don’t think cats compose complex opinions about how or why or to what extent someone may be a horrible person, but as Ms Cornaire said, they do apparently construct enough of an opinion that does extend in a direction, for example as to whether a person is specifically or even generally trust-worthy or affection-worthy. That is can stem from just one particular incident, one way or another speaks to this, because I’ve noticed that that’s all it can take to turn a cat against me or someone, and no amount of compensation for forgiveness seems to override it. The contrast to dogs being just the opposite, that they easily forgive, which might be the biggest draw for dog lovers to in turn hate cats. So it may be that and/or a matter of degree, as with most things in comparing cats to humans.

  2. IMO it isnt so much they get mad at ye but they become fearful of ye,I learned that the hard way many decades when I actually spanked my cat on a few occasions for his negative behavior and now I know he became fearful of me after I had done that to him,he stopped laying in my lap or sleeping with me,never ever put ye hands on a pet,never.

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