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Do cats have a sense of humour? — 2 Comments

  1. To answer the title’s question: ABSOLUTELY!!! Without a doubt!

    Two cats come to mind, although all of my cats had/have a fantastic sense of humor. They have all played some form of “Hide and Seek/Tag” with me.

    Arnold was a DSH tabby/white cat we adopted from a shelter many years ago. He and my husband played a game. Hubby would try to startle the cat, who would pretend to it worked. This went on for several years. At the time, we lived in a small house with tiny rooms. The master bedroom had a double window facing the front of the house. We placed a tall dresser under the windows so that Arnold could look outside and place the foot of the bed just off the side of the dresser. One evening at bedtime, Arnold was napping on the dresser. He waited until hubby had just dosed off. With extreme force, Arnold jumped down from the dresser onto the foot of the bed near hubby’s feet and shook the whole bed. Hubby sat straight up in confusion, and I almost fell out of bed laughing. Arnold just looked at hubby and gently strolled away knowing he won the game.

    Rex, my current male kitty, also has a sense of humor. He likes to hear me laugh. We play “Hide and Seek/Tag.” I make a gesture at him, and he runs off. A few moments later, he sneaks back to see where I am, and we repeat the play. Many times, he will wait till I peak around the corner, and when he sees me, he will poof into a “Pi” shape similar to the regular arched back but with his tail drooped down into an “S” shape. It’s much more hilarious in person. Evidently, he likes to hear me laugh.

    Unfortunately, the frequencies of Pi are slowing down as Rex ages. I will sorely miss them when he says goodbye.

    The picture is of Cleo and Rex. We caught her in the act of pestering him, even though the look on her face says she denies any knowledge of being a pest. LOL! She’s rotten! 😀

  2. To everything there’s a degree, so the problem I see with this is the recurrent error of looking at them through our eyes; judging them by our standards. We also wouldn’t say cats have a language, but they do use body language as means to convey their thoughts, intents or feelings to others. It’s a different kind of language but still valid. So saying cats don’t have or understand humor makes a similar mistake. They also have micro facial expressions too; they’re to a lesser degree than us, but again valid. They don’t “tell jokes”, but they do pranks and I can tell when my cats think some happenstance is amusing, even if it’s kind of slapstick. The Three Stooges were valid purveyors of what some of us considered humor. So I think cats have a sense of humor; it’s just on their level, at their speed, to a different degree. That’s my opinion, which as I recall wasn’t very welcome on here but I just saw this topic and thought I’d comment. That’s my contribution for 2021.

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