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Do cats know that they are going to die? — 5 Comments

  1. I know this might be kind of a strange answer but do all humans are they self aware? (in which i do not believe that alot of humans are) not trying to start anything. But yet by saying cats are not self aware you leave it open to other things. I do not believe everything from animals to humans are perfectly self aware according to the definition of that word. Do we know for sure we are going to die and when no we dont until we are close so as i believe that animals will not know this until it is there time.

  2. Well, the easy answer is it’s difficult for us to know anything at all with certainty what a cat is thinking or feeling, especially about something so consequential and emotional for them and their human companion. The harder answer is to delve deeper, and no one really wants to do that until they have to, and my experience has been there comes a time of extreme clarity then that I don’t even like to talk about years after. You answered it the best you could, as did I.

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