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Do cats know when they are doing something wrong? — 5 Comments

  1. i just want to share some behavior traits about my cat. When i come home an call her she runs in the house like a dog and to her bowl as she knows our regular habits. She shows signs of being jelous for sure around other animals and even my grand son like she will ignore me.Later she warms up to him.Also scratching my furniture she knows i don’t like it and stops if i raise my voice.I guess we treated her like family and she loves us right back and knows her boundaries. I wish my teens would mind as good as she does! thanks

  2. I basically agree but could add that, as evidenced in the work Cat Culture, The Social World of a Cat Shelter by Alger and Alger, Temple University Press, Philadelphia, that cats do inherit a framework of culture, as we do. The main difference between them and us is that they can’t write it down and have to reinvent and employ it on the fly as needed. And the difference between that and this article is whether it is in relation to each other or to people. I’d say that they have an easier time of it regarding each other than with us, though we can help if we understand their inherent abilities.

    • I agree that the relationship with humans has changed the cat and so she/he has taken on or been imbued with some of the human culture and may be gaining an understanding of what ‘doing wrong’ means.

      • As I recall I think there’s even more to it. Cat culture has to do with relationships with each other, not humans, though point taken. It is different than ours’ or dogs’ or perhaps any other animals’. We surely haven’t had as much of an impact on cat evolution and their culture as we have had on dog.

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