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Do cats learn from each other? — 6 Comments

  1. I have 2 older hearing cats and 4 deaf ferals. The ferals have learned from Tawnnie and Howie that I love them and will allow them to be crazycats who race around the house and that each ha his or her own room to eat in-they are on different foods as they have differing medical conditions. When they want loving or have a complaint, they know I will listen and give them all the ear rubs, chin skritches and shoulder massages they want. I also respect their need for being by him or herself.

  2. Goodness gracious, yes. Forget any food issues…In my home, Damon is the leader of all deviant behaviors and several are now following suit. He pees in the kitchen sink, steals any items left unattended, and is a hoarder. I can’t find any essential unless I search through his 3 hoarding piles.

    • It sounds more like that cat is learning from Dee. If a cat can hide and maintain 3 piles of hoarded items in a home, one can only envision what the rest of that home must look like. Just like the hundred+ cats that she hoards. Same thing.

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