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Do cats like certain people because of their body scent? — 13 Comments

  1. My sweetie Allison who is 10 years old loves everyone EXCEPT for the one time a guy came to my door looking for someone else in the neighborhood, and he had been drinking. She smelled him and ran back into my apartment and disappeared! But also I think cats have that 6th sense about people.

  2. I think cats can smell if a person is cat friendly or not and yes I agree with Dee that body language is part of whether a cat knows to trust a person or not.
    Looming over a cat is sure to alarm him, talking softly and getting down to the cat’s level, just as we do with a child, is the way to make friends.

    • My first introduction to a new cat is to speak warmly and quietly and show non-threatening body language and see if she/he will sniff my hand so we can get acquainted.

  3. I think it’s a mix of scent as well as body language that determines whether a cat will like certain people or not. I think they read us better than we read them. My Damon, the hoarder, really hasn’t been around anyone that dislikes cats; so, I can only vouch for the fact that he LOVES the smell of my hair UNWASHED. I really think he has some sort of fetish. As I have commented before, he steals anything that I use in my hair (combs, brushes, accessories). Then, he rolls around and purrs in his piles of goodies. On the nights that I put him to bed with me, he kneads my head, pulls out hair strands, drools and purrs on my head. I can only take these as signs of affection.

    I have had cats that retreat when some people are around. I’m not sure it is what they smell or vibes the people are sending out.

    • I refer to Kitty III as the armpit-fetishist. It’s most disconcerting at times. If I don’t let her finish washing my armpits she bites them.

    • Your hair is like catnip just like Sarah’s armpite are like catnip. There is something in your hair – a naturally occurring chemical – that has a similar effect to catnip. But we don’t know what it is.

      If we did we could possibly change the whole relationship between human and cat, worldwide. Bottle it and make a fortune 😉

      It maybe that this chemical is the most important substance in the world in respect of the human to cat relationship.

      I think they read us better than we read them.

      Totally agree. Cats receive a clearer message. Humans get is wrong often.

      • A couple of my menfriends have armpits that work like catnip for me 😉

        I also can’t use Feliway diffusers because I can smell them – a sort of soapy smell that makes me nauseous.

        • LOL — and you have the nose of a cat. My sense of smell and hearing is good. I wonder if that is another connecting trait? That people with sharp senses are more likely to get on with cats.

  4. Kitty II has recently taken to sticking her nose into my armpits at night when she snuggles into bed with me. And then she licks them. Thenie used to do this to a male friend of mine and acted as though his armpits were catnip. Scrapper had a thing about the soles of my feet and Kitty II loved sticking her nose in my shoes.

    Yes humans give off pheromones. I’m one of those people who can smell certain pheromones. Androstenol is spicy, like sandalwood (and is definitely a turn-on). I can detect some female pheromones too, they change throughout the menstrual cycle. It was years before I realised what it was I was detecting!

    • Graphic stuff. You’re an example of a person whose scent is very attractive to a cat, which is what I would expect.

      I’d love to analyse what the chemicals are in our scent that gets a cat going as if it is catnip.

      Some cats like catnip. Some don’t. Some cats like armpits and some don’t. I wonder if they are the same cats.

      There is something going on and we need some more work on this.

      Thanks for the comment Sarah.

      • Kitty III likes armpits but doesn’t react to catnip. Thenie liked male armpits and didn’t react to catnip, but reacted big time to valerian (the oily extract version). Almost 30 years ago, my neighbour’s cat had a thing about my armpits.

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